We’ve all heard of the book “Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus.”

If you haven’t, it’s a book about how differently the sexes communicate, and tries to help couples improve their relationships. The trouble is too many guys have taken the whole women being from another planet thing too literally, and now they treat women like they’re from another world. Sometimes when I’m doing a boot camp and I send guys off to approach women, it’s like watching a group of toddlers creeping up to a sleeping lion. It’s like I’ve sent a bunch of school kids into a lions den.

In fact one guy I coached a while back suffered with seriously bad approach anxiety, and he actually described approaching a woman as like “walking over to an alien who could suddenly turn and kill you!”

The trouble is, he’s not on his own. So many guys treat women like they’re from another planet. Too many of you put women on this pedestal like she’s some queen. I hate hearing guys saying things like, “Wow, she’s so amazing. She’s the most incredible creature I’ve ever seen. I so want to meet her.”

She’s a human being. She’s flesh, blood, and bones. If you don’t give her food and water she’ll die. If she gets food poisoning she’ll throw up everywhere. If you tell her she looks like crap, she’ll be devastated. Women have the same feelings you do. They have the same needs, wants, and desires. They want to be loved. They want to be desired. They want you to find them attractive. You have to change the way you look at and think about women.

Stop treating them like some delicate antique you can’t touch in case you break it. Stop giving away your power. Realize human beings are all as vulnerable as each other. One of our fundemental needs as a human being is to be liked. All of us want to feel attractive. All of us want to connect, and every day is a chance for you to go out and connect with people. Every day you get the chance to go out and touch peoples lives. Today I want you to have a breakthrough. Today I want to show you that women aren’t big scary creatures to be feared.

Today I want to show you that women aren’t all queens you have to bow down and worship. Today I want to show you that women are ordinary human beings just like you, who want you to like them, and want you to connect with them on so many different levels. The next time you go over to talk to a woman, instead of worrying about how YOU feel, I want you to stop and imagine what she’s feeling. When you take the focus away from your fears, communication becomes a million times easier. In this video, I talk more about changing your mindset, and give you some other interesting truths about women.