On Super Bowl Sunday, a day full of male bonding and macho actions.

I thought we could tackle a sensitive topic, one that would cause no end zone celebrations or high fives.

A topic that no one sitting in front of the TV watching the Steelers shave the Cards by 10 would ever mention.

So when you dip your chips today keep in mind about a dip that may not happen later.

Have you ever had whiskey dick – without alcohol?

You start fooling around with a woman, you get naked, and then you just can’t get hard at all?

You can’t figure out why either. You think to yourself, what is it? Am I impotent? Do I need Viagra? Do I need Cialis – so it’s ready when I’m ready? What is wrong with me?

You know what? It happens to all of us.

Sometimes when you get alcohol-free whisky dick it’s because you don’t actually have any emotional connection with her.

A lot of women think that men are just pump and dumpers. They think that men are just into getting laid, but a lot of us are really quite sensitive!

And many of us can’t have sex just for the sake of having sex. We have to have a connection with the other person.

I’ve had nights with alcohol-free whisky dick. If my dick isn’t working, it’s basically telling me, hey man, we really don’t like this woman that much. We like her, we think she’s cool, but we’re really not all that connected with her.

So if you have alcohol-free whisky dick, it’s not necessarily that something is wrong with your dick, but it does mean that you’re probably more emotionally evolved than you thought you were!