You live your life in fear.
You live your life in the future.
You live your life always wanting more.

Let me ask you a question. Let’s say that this weekend, you had two options.

Option one is hanging out with your usual group of friends — talking the usual talk, dissing each other’s relationships, talking about frustrations in trying to meet people, and really just having the same old conversations over and over.

Option two is to spend 48 hours with someone you were really attracted to — emotionally and physically — and really desire. The catch is that this person is someone you’ve never met. Let me explain further.

This person would be someone you’ve not only never met, but the type of person you always dreamed of meeting. They would be the type of person who turns you on in every way — sexually, emotionally, mentally — and gives you goosebumps. They are the type of person you would want to keep forever and ever.

Of course, like many things, option two has a catch…

That person is going to be moving permanently to Siberia after they spend that 48 hours with you. They need to disappear in the wilderness and never be seen or heard from again.

Flight 40 To Siberia

You of course would be disappointed, because over the course of that weekend you would get super attached. You met the perfect person and you wanted more.

So what would you do? Which option would you pick?

You would be able to spend a weekend with that perfect person and experience all the amazing feelings you’d be open to feeling, but would you be okay with the ending?

What would you really do?

I’ve asked this question to a lot of people, and their answer is always the same. Of course they would pick option two, but they are going to be devastated at the end.

The reality is, though, that they would not be devastated at the end — and neither would you. The reality is that you would grow from that experience. You would learn so much from that experience.

You’re going to experience something you’ve never experienced before. You’re finally going to have that “benchmark” where you know what it feels like to truly let go with no expectations, no issues and no outcome driving you.

For those of you who chose option one, you’re living your life full of fear. The point of life is to experience and to be present every day. The more you experience, the more you feel and the more open you become. The more you do this, the greater your life is going to be.