When’s The Last Time You Had Sex?

The other night I was out to dinner with this incredibly sexy woman, and we started talking about sex and just telling stories about sex. You know . . . the kinds of things people talk about when they’re first getting to know each other.

She shared with me something that happened to her recently. While she was in bed with a guy, he asked her “When is the last time you had sex?” She answered him honestly and told him how recently it was that she had sex.

Not only that, a client of mine the other day emailed me and said “David, what’s up with men always asking me when the last time was I had sex?”

Why do men feel like they need to know when the last time was that a woman had sex? What does it matter?

She didn’t know you two weeks ago. So she had sex to weeks ago … What, is she a fortune teller who knows you’re coming into her life so she should hold off on her natural urges?

Does she ask you when the last time was that you masturbated? Or, how about the last time you had tuna for lunch? Or how about the last time you hugged your mother?

It doesn’t matter when the last time was that she had sex. All that matters is that she IS having sex with you.

Some men are so judgmental. They make a woman feel dirty because she had sex with another guy a few days before she had sex with him.

I’ve always been the opposite. I don’t care if a woman has had sex with an entire marching band the night before she sleeps with me. All I care about is the connection that we’re making and that we’re experiencing.

Personally, I like women who have been sexually active. They are far more experimental in bed and far more sexually open-minded. I actually get a little nervous if I’m dating someone who hasn’t had sex since the last time the leaves changed colors.

We’re adults. We have urges, and we should be able to act upon them WITHOUT JUDGMENT. A friend of mine dated, and ended up marrying, the biggest slut in her high school and college. He didn’t care. All he cared about was that she was now his personal slut.

The fact is that we’ve all had sex. Some of us have slept with three people in one day. Some of us may have slept with someone the night before with whom we truly connect and they never expected it to happen.

The bottom line here is this: Stop being such a judgmental man (or woman)! Yes, women, you’re not innocent here.

If you meet someone who has had a lot of sex (assuming they’ve been careful and haven’t run rampant with disease), what does it matter who they’ve slept with in the past as long as it’s you they want to be with now?!

So let’s hear from all of you on this topic. Here’s what I want to know:

• Do you judge the opposite sex if they’ve had sex recently?
• Do you get turned off if someone had sex three days before they had sex with you even though you’re intimate?
• What are your own issues with this that cause you to be such a judgmental person?

As Forrest Gump once said “Don’t ever judge another man until you’ve walked in his shoes.” Shit . . . Maybe that wasn’t Forrest Gump, but you get the point.

So, let’s open the topic for discussion . . . and have a “banging” day!