When do you send that first text to a girl you just met?

The shocking answer is going to change your dating and sex life forever.

Girls are going to be texting you back. Hot girls are going to want you.

Watch today’s video.

I’m going to give you three tips right now about when to text a woman, and you’ll have to watch the video for the fourth.

  1. Don’t overthink it

The number one thing that people do is they play mind games with themselves.

They start overthinking such a simple thing as a text.

You start strategically planning a text.

It was a funny, a client of mine came to my house one day. It was 7:00 o’clock at night. He showed me this girl he met that afternoon and I said let’s text her.

He said no, no, no, because it’s 7:00 o’clock. Let’s wait until 7:09. He said if I text her at 7:00 it’s going to look like… and he gave me a whole list of things that it was going to look like.

He said it’s going to look like I was waiting until 7:00 after I got out of work. It’s going to look like I might have just gotten home at 7:00. It’s going to look like I actually timed it because I met her around 12:00 so I’m waiting half the day, which is 7:00.

And the list of crazy excuses went on and on. I looked at him and I said texting is not a strategic game at all. It’s just a continuation, which we’ll talk about in a second, of a moment that was exchanged between two people.

Which leads us to my second tip.

  1. Capitalize on the moment

A moment happened between two people. As a man it’s your responsibility to capitalize on that moment. When you capitalize on that moment, you are showing her that you are a man who goes after what he wants, and what you want is her.

It says a lot of things when a man texts a woman quickly after they meet.

It tells her that he’s interested, which is something that most people don’t do in today’s swipe filled world.

Most of us are swiping and swiping and we forget about momentum.

Which leads us to my third tip.

  1. Dating is all about momentum

There was momentum that started when you both met. Maybe the stars were aligned. Maybe the universe was good and maybe God had a hand in it.tdy-130122-guy-text-dating.grid-5x2

Whatever you want to believe in, there’s something called momentum in dating and it gets broken when you don’t text her right away.

By texting her right away, you are showing her that you understand there’s momentum. There’s a connection and you want the connection to continue.

Watch the video for my fourth point.

By watching this video, you’ll understand exactly, from me, the raving maniac in the video, why you need to start texting people immediately.

You’ll understand how to carry on a conversation and you’ll get rid of some of the games you’ve played inside your head for so long.

This is an important video so watch it a few times. Take some notes.

Forward it to your friends so you all don’t sit there and overanalyze text messaging ever again. It’s such a waste of time.

Texting a woman can be very simple when you don’t overthink. When you just react. When you just have a conversation like you would with anybody else.

I’ll go through all that in the video and much more.