Welcome to the wonderful world of text messaging. We all love to send text messages these days instead of talking. Have you ever thought about what texting really is? Because it’s pretty amusing. We text these words over a phone, we hit send, and then they appear on someone’s phone seconds later. Just the concept of that to me blows me away. The other thing about texting I think is really interesting is, your entire conversation is there to stay until the person deletes it.

These conversations can and WILL be used in evidence against you. When you get into a fight you can cross-reference and say, “You know, on April 22nd 2014 you sent me this text. You can never deny it.”

We’ve become a world of over thinking things.


When do you send the first text to a girl?

What do you say in that first text that will get her attention?

Is there a certain time after you meet her to send that first text?

Is it okay to send a morning text, or would you prefer to wait until the middle of the night?

I remember when I was coaching someone, we were just kidding around and he was telling me about this girl that he needed to text. It was 7:00. I looked at him and I said, “Send this text right now.”

He looked at his watch and said, “No, I can’t send a 7:00 text.”

I asked “why?”

“It’s an even hour.” He explained. “It looks like I got out of work at 6:00 and maybe stared at my phone for an hour and then decided to send the text right at 7:00.”

I thought to myself, you really think way too much about this. If he could only wait until like 7:13, that looks a lot better. I joked that maybe he should leave it until 9.21 so it seemed like he was busy.

He said, “You know, you’re right. Maybe I’ll send it at 9:21. That way it looks like I’m home, I’ve done things, I have a life, and I just so happen to have picked up my phone and decided to text her.”

How many of you go through those motions? You think it’s not the right time. You think it’s too soon after meeting her.

It’s amazing because we used to just leave a voicemail message. We used to talk about how many days until you make the first phone call. But man, now we’re constantly on our social devices, our telephones. We’re constantly reminded we could be reaching out.

So when is the right time to send the first text to a girl? Is it 7:01? Is it in the morning or afternoon?

In today’s video, I go over when to send the first text to a girl. It’s not just going to be eye-opening. It’s going to be life changing.