Two ways to know it’s time to move on.

This going to be short and fast, because this is a subject that everybody over-analyzes and over-thinks non-stop.

You can use these exact same principals on when to move on from a friendship.

When to move on from a business relationship.

And, when to move on from just about anything that no longer serves you.

Which leads us to number one:

1. It no longer serves you.

Whatever it might be, it no longer serves you. It no longer brings you happiness. No longer allows you to shine and be the amazing person that you are.

The relationship that you are trying to save. The person you’re trying to change. The person that you’re trying to get to love you the way that you need is not bringing you joy and happiness. As a matter of fact, there is no joy and happiness when you think about this relationship. All that’s going on in this relationship is stress and aggravation.

You’re driving your friends nuts. You’re having conversations endlessly. You’re trying to figure out what went wrong. But the bottom line is, it went wrong. Everything goes wrong sometimes. Things go wrong. People are no longer meant to be together. There is nothing wrong with that, at all. As a matter of fact, that’s life. There are some relationships that just die. That just all of a sudden fizzle out. All of a sudden, it appears on the surface. They fizzle out.

When in reality, they’ve been done for quite some time.

2. The person/situation is not going to change.

If you’ve given the opportunity to this person endlessly, over and over, again, trying to get them to change, giving them ultimatums. Telling them that, you know, giving them dates, giving this, giving them everything.

It is not going to change. They are not going to change. And nothing is going to change. People don’t change.

You can suggest therapy. You can suggest it. You can suggest that. But the bottom line is they are who they are, they love who they are, they are going to be who they are, and there’s no reason to stop them from being who they are. They just don’t want to change.

Am I being clear with you? Because so many people are in these relationships that last way longer than they should, because you will keep expecting somebody to be something that they will never be, and they will never want to be.

I can’t be any clearer than I am right now.

People don’t change. So, you can talk to them until you are blue in the face. You can speculate with your friends until you’re blue in the face. You can hope that they will also have compassion and a heart for you. You can hope all of a sudden that they’ll have integrity, but the bottom line is, they won’t. And there’s somebody else out there that is willing to do that.

Every time you’re in some type of bad relationship, be it business, be it professional, be it friendship, be it love, you are waiting and waiting and wasting and wasting time away from what something else can appear in your life.

The minute you let go of one thing, something else always happens. There a new energy that’s born every day. Learn it. See you.