When should you have sex?

I’ve talked about this topic so many times that I feel like, at this point, I’m blue in the face talking about it. But, I want to discuss it again because so many people continue to ask me this question. It’s an important topic and I want you to understand the difference between having sex with a random, one-night stand and having sex with someone your really love.

Then you can decide what’s best for you, when the right time to have sex is for you.

The Amazing Feeling of Great Sex

Sex, it’s fucking great.

Think about it. That feeling when you finally connect with someone, the excitement of getting naked with them.

Feeling their warm, sexy body next to yours. Touching them for the very first time.

Touching their body, kissing them all over it, feeling their entire body pressed against yours.

As you read this, you start to get excited. Start to think yeah, sex is so great. But, and here’s the but…

There is a Right Time to Have Sex

I’ve had sex every which way, every imaginable way and not only that, I’ve done it as quickly and as long as I possibly could.

There were times in my 20s where I would have sex after only knowing somebody for 15 minutes, usually based on a dare.

There have been times where I’ve been at home at night on the Internet, IMing somebody, talking them into coming over and we have great sex.

But, I have to tell you something; to me, the definition of great, amazing sex is the after sex.

The comfortable feeling you feel when you’re with somebody you actually want to be with, instead of the dopamine rush you get having sex with somebody you’re attracted too and nothing more.

Sex With Someone You’ve Built a Connection With

I’m not telling you not to have sex with anybody that you’re not attracted to, but the thing is there is a right time to have sex. And that’s when you’ve built some comfort between you and the person you’re going to be intimate with because the best part about sex is having sex again and again with the same person who you’re building a relationship with.

So, with that in mind, here’s today’s video. I’m joined by a really good friend of mine, Nikki, who’s super sexy, super hot, and she’s going to enlighten you about when to have sex.

We’re going to have a conversation about when the best time to have sex is, and she’s going to offer up some great tips and secrets. The answers are going to shock you and surprise you!