Looking for a last minute mover?

When in doubt—Craigslist.

Looking for an accountant at a reasonable rate?

When in doubt—Craigslist.

Looking for somebody who is desperately trying to get rid of their car, their watch, or their mid-century couch?

When in doubt—Craigslist.

So, to the guy who’s always asking me where I find all my good bargains: well let me tell you something…

The laptop that I’m working on—my MacBook Air, the high-def video recorder that I use to shoot all my videos, as well as almost all the furniture that is in my house has come from Craigslist.

Craigslist is a free dumping ground for people who desperately want to turn goods into cash.

It’s where you can find your best bargains.

What does this have to do with dating?


I’m a lot more well-rounded of a human being than that, and I like to share some other things beside dating tips and advice day in and day out.

So today’s day in and day out advice is life advice.

When in doubt—Craigslist.  You can find anything on there.  As long as you live in a large enough city, there is a Craigslist for you.  So check it out if you’ve never been on it, and check out some of the great deals.

Not only that, it’s better than eBay.  Because eBay, you’re bidding against people all over the world.  On Craigslist, sometimes you’re only bidding against yourself.  And that’s one of the wonderful things about it.

When I see something that I like on Craigslist, I will actually put the price of what I want to pay for it in the e-mail subject line.

Let’s say a guy is selling a chair for $300, my subject line will be:

I will bring you $200 cash this afternoon, what’s your number?  

He’ll get back to me before anybody else because he knows I’m a serious buyer.

When in doubt—Craigslist.  

It’s a great resource for a lot of different things.  And a lot of guys have hooked up on Craigslist…

Aha, we could always turn this into some type of dating blog.

. . .

So what’s the best thing you’ve found on Craigslist?

And have any of you hooked up using Craigslist?