love mindsetMy daughter has a new obsession. She’s had many obsessions in her four years of life.  We’ve gone from her wanting to be Ariel to watching the “Little Mermaid” hundreds of time.

“Frozen” came out, and it was all about Elsa and Anna. Now, my daughter made me watch a movie I refused to see my entire life. A movie I had no interest in.  A movie I swear emasculates me every time I watch it.  Now, that I’ve been forced to watch this movie so many different times, I realize this little red-headed orphan actually has a message so powerful for all of you single women, for all of you women that are in relationships that aren’t going anywhere.  What’s the message?

The sun will come out tomorrow.  You can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there will be sun. It’s true in most places, except for like Seattle and London and Portland where from November till April, the sun doesn’t come out for a few months. But it’s a great mantra.  This little red-headed orphan named ‘Annie’, has a damn good message a lot of people need to pay more attention to.  The sun will come out tomorrow. The sun is your disposition.  The sun is about how you feel about yourself.

In Los Angeles, the sun drives me nuts every day. I’m kind of tired of it. I would prefer the rain to come out tomorrow, for a few days. It would make it feel like I live somewhere normal.  The sun is happy. Think about when you were a child. You used to draw a sun with a happy face.  Did you ever draw a sun and put a sad, miserable face on it?


The sun will come out tomorrow. I bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there will be sun. Think about that. With an attitude like that, it doesn’t really matter what goes wrong today because today is just a day. It’s just another day in the orphanage of your life.  That’s how a lot of you act.  You act like you’re living in a giant orphanage.

Like your trapped in this orphanage and there’s no way out. You’re acting not like Annie. More like some of the other orphans in this movie. You’re stuck in an orphanage because you don’t believe the sun is going to come out. You’ve given up on dating. You’ve given up on men. You’re starting to think relationships are never going to work.  If you think about it, in life, the sun rises and the sun sets.

Everyday is another chance for you to see the sun. Start a brand new day. Allow the sun to rise in your house. Allow yourself to see the possibilities of a brand new day. Allow yourself to be that beautiful, innocent, little red-headed child.  My daughter doesn’t even know what an orphanage is. My daughter thinks it’s a place where a bunch of kids live with no parental supervision.

She will sit there and sing these songs without knowing what it all means. But to her, the sun comes up every single day. Every single day she’s happy, every single day she’s full of possibility. It’s time for you to look at life differently. It’s time for you to see all the amazing possibilities that are out there for you. When it comes to meeting men out there, and in relationships. The sun will come out tomorrow, no matter where you live, even if you live in Seattle, or London, or Portland.

It’s all about how you look at life. So take a look at that ridiculous movie named Annie. Look at this little red-headed, incredible way of looking at life, and give yourself a new mantra. Because the sun is going to come out tomorrow and it’s willing to shine in your life. It’s going to make your life beautiful and amazing and happy and different and powerful and unique.  The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom that tomorrow there’ll be sun.