We’ve talked about this over and over again, how women are like CSI -Crime Scene Investigators when it comes to relationships. They say an elephant never forgets but I say a woman never forgets when it comes to anything you’ve ever done wrong during your relationship.

How many times have you apologized to a woman for something you did, thought everything was okay, and then six months later the same conversation comes up like nothing ever changed? Women are very good at not letting go. In fact, they can’t stand letting go even though they say they have.

Today’s video is about what women think about cheaters, relationships and the men they get involved with.  It’s an amusing video to say the least. My friend Eddie who’s my personal trainer, and extremely successful with women, shares his views on women too.

Some of the stuff in here is pretty shocking, and really eye-opening. Check out today’s video because it’s something I think will help you in all your future relationships.