You know what I think about during sex?

Sometimes I think about how dominating I feel being inside her.

Sometimes I think about how powerful I am, and how much control I have over her orgasms.

Sometimes I have sex just to shut her up.

That’s right.

Sometimes I’m just tired of women talking. I don’t care about the drama in your day. I don’t care about the fight with your best friend. I don’t care about the person at work that’s jealous of you.

Sometimes you just talk way too much. So I just fuck you because I want you to shut up, and then after I’m done and you start talking again, I’ll just tell you to relax and ‘enjoy the moment.’

Other times, I like to talk dirty during sex. I like to whisper dirty things in your ear. I like to tell you what to do. Give you commands. Sometimes I like to do it because it makes me feel more powerful.

I never think about fantasies. I’m not a role player. I’m not the guy that thinks of picking you up in a bar and banging you on the street. Those types of things never got me off.

Usually it’s just something very animalistic. I either want you, desire you, or I don’t, or I just want you to shut up. It’s fun shutting you up with my dick.

It’s a power trip that I have.

But regardless of my reason for having sex at the moment, I’m always 100% present. If I’m having sex with a woman, even if I’m screwing her just to shut her up, I’m 100% connected to her. I’m not thinking about anything but what we’re feeling in that moment.

So now, let’s flip the switch.  You know what I think about sometimes during sex, what do you think about? Do you ever just sleep with a guy just to shut him up because you don’t want to hear about his fantasy football league?

Do you ever sleep with a man just to shut him up? Do you think about other men?

Do you think about three-ways, do you think about girl-on-girl experiences?

What do you think about when you have sex?

I want to hear from you today.