trust between two peopleTrust is an interesting thing. The minute somebody says, “Trust me, I’m telling the truth,” immediately I want to run for cover.

But what makes me want to really trust somebody and get to know them and how trustworthy they are?

What makes me truly want to trust somebody?

What makes me truly want to get to know somebody better?

What makes me want to be in somebody’s presence?

Trust is not something that is earned instantaneously. Sure, there’s a moment of trust that I might have when I first meet somebody. You know, they seem cool. They seem like a really…I don’t know…good person.

But you’ve got to earn my trust. You’ve got to earn my trust in every which way, shape and form. So to me, I look at their actions over a period of time. I’m all about bringing new people into my life: new friends, new energy, new experiences, new business people.

So, I always say to myself, do they walk the walk and talk the talk? I listen to the talk and I hear their talk and I hear what they’re saying.

But do they follow it up with the action that’s needed? That’s how you build trust. When you say something, be a man of your word. Be a man of action. Don’t promise something to somebody that you’re not going to deliver at all.

So, trust is something that is still built and fortified over a period of time. Walk the walk, and talk the talk. Otherwise, you’re going to be another person that’s just going to come across as a bad car salesman. And there are plenty of those in the world.

Trust is everything. Things change. Things happen. People change their mind. People make promises they can’t keep. But as long as they explain it and it sounds right, I cant be pretty sure I can trust them.

I know one time I hired somebody and after a month, they weren’t right for the job. And you know what they said to me? “I know I promised you lots of things when I was hired, but right now, I can’t deliver on any of them, and I’m really sorry.”

I’m still friends with that person today because of that honesty that they gave me. Trust is about knowing your limitations, and trust is about really feeling things out with everybody else.

Trust: I just look for their actions. Do their actions match their words? Because if they do, then I trust somebody. It really is that simple.