how to kiss david wygantGood kissing to me is like a great conversation.

Think about it.

Two mouths pressing together, tongues moving in unison. Really feeling each other.

Kissing each other is a conversation.

It’s a conversation of desire.

It’s a conversation of passion.

It also could be a screaming, bad, awful conversation.

I remember when I was younger, in my 20s, when I was fooling around a lot.

I learned at a very young age that if you mimic her kissing style, she’ll think she’s kissing the best kisser in the world.

So, I give that advice out a lot because it will get you past the first kiss, and onto the second and third and fourth kiss.

But here’s the deal:

Some people just are not compatible when it comes down to kissing. Their styles are off. The conversation inside your mouth is off. And no matter what—if you mimic her style or not, sometimes it just doesn’t matter; sometimes you’re just not right for one and another.

So the next time you got on a date, or the first date or the second date, and you’re ready for the kiss, remember: even though you may be compatible when it comes down to talking, your body chemistries may not be compatible when it comes down to kissing.

Many women that I’ve been with have not been compatible when it comes down to kissing.

So you know what I did?

I went deeper into the subject of kissing and touch and feeling.

And I really got a lot of research done, personal experience and otherwise.

And I came up with a way to be the best kisser in any situation.

Ask me about it sometime and I’ll show you how.