A good salesperson knows how to bond with people based on making the other person feel good. A bad salesperson will get on the phone and just start selling immediately, saying “Hey, this is Joe from the Rubber Band Company, I know you need some new rubber bands…” Right? They’ll go right into their rehearsed sales pitch.

A good salesperson will get on the phone and talk to the person on the other end, “Hey man, how are you doing today? Are you having a great day?” He or she will start bantering back and forth.

For you, no sales pitches are necessary. Just flirt. If you think about it, we really flirt all day long.

You have to create that banter – whether you’re a salesperson or just looking for a date. Life is about cold calling. You never know what someone is going to say to you, so you have to start off with some type of friendly banter (instead of just going straight in for the kill!)

You think, I really want to ask her out, so you just walk over to her and say, “Hey, do you want to go out?” It doesn’t work that way. You have to start with friendly banter.

So how do you do this friendly banter? How do you cold call your way through life and succeed?

You succeed by picking up on the clues in your environment. You observe the clues of people’s body language. You observe the things that people are doing and experiencing. These are the things you make comments on. To bond with someone, you have to share something. You must share something about yourself to get that connection with someone.

Here is a good exercise to learn how to cold call in your life: think to yourself about how you can open this specific person based on your observations of what’s going on? How can you have the best cold call there is?

Think about who the best cold callers are in the business world – they are the ones that don’t care so much about the outcome. They just whip through as many as they can in an hour.

When you’re out there trying to meet women, you want to try to talk to everybody. You want to get through as many people as you can so you get warmed up. If you’re not sufficiently warmed up, every cold call you make is going to be very uncomfortable.

Start looking at your life as one giant cold call!