I get asked this question a lot: What does it mean to be a dad?

It’s not a simple answer.

It’s different for every single person.

For me, to be a dad means to open my heart more than it’s ever been opened before.

It means learning things about myself that I wasn’t quite sure I needed to learn.

You see, before I was a dad, I lived a very self-centered existence.

I did what was good for David.

I was in a relationship, I would do what was good for the relationship, but we had nothing to really grow from in that relationship, except with each other.

What it means now to be a dad and some of the things that I’ve really learned about being a dad is opening up my heart and allowing and being so present. Nothing brings me greater joy, than to do things for my daughter.

It’s a beautiful thing to do that, to be able to see that gorgeous little face smile.

To be so present and to do things I would have never done before.

I think that’s one of the things that really has impacted me on so many levels the ability just to be so present and only be in the moment.

Creating those moments are another joy, that makes me light up.

Recently we were buying fish tanks for her.

Deep down I love fish tanks. I’ve loved fish tanks since I was kid. It’s a lot of fun to watch fish and create a whole world. But to be able to bond and share that because one of the things about being a dad that’s so great is to have the opportunity to go and create lifelong memories for her.

She’ll talk about things when she gets older about what she did with her dad.

What she did with her mom.

Things that impacted her, memories.

Being a dad also being a role model for what a man truly is and how men should treat her.

That, to me, is a really wonderful feeling, knowing that I open up my heart to this beautiful little girl, love her with every ounce of my body, and showing her how a man, acts, what a man’s about.

I love when we go into stores.

We went into Petsmart. We negotiated a price on something. Most people would run away at Petsmart and just pay the price that you have to pay. I’ll go in there and ask them to match Amazon. Literally ask for discounts on floor samples and other things, floor models.

I can show her how to negotiate life, how to stand up for yourself, how to be self-expressed, how not to be afraid to talk to people out of always talking to people everyone because I’ve been working for 20 years with people who are socially challenged. I never want her to be socially challenged at all.

So I just go out there and I explain why I talk to people and how I connect. I allow her to watch me radiate and to see her do the same thing, she’s got a voice. She’s not afraid to ask things.

It’s beautiful to be able to be involved in her life and allow it to be her life with zero expectations.

I don’t want her to be anything except for what she wants to be. I don’t want her to like anything except for what she likes. I don’t force anything upon her. I remember I was forced to go to summer camp. I was forced to do things with kids that really did not resonate with me and did not bring me Joy or make me feel great.

That’s what being a dad is all about: just being a part of somebody’s life, and loving them more than you’ve ever loved anybody.

Unconditional love is a beautiful feeling. It’s enabled me to have better relationships and be more outspoken in my life. That’s something that being a dad has taught me, that you just can really voice your opinion and learn and communicate and heal.

So many beautiful things about being a dad. I’d love to hear about your comments down below of what it’s like for you to be a mom, to be a dad. I’m going to write more about this because I think everybody should talk about the impact that the children have had on their life.

The beauty that their children have brought them, the magic that they feel and the patience that they can develop.