When it comes down to marriage, should you just assume you’re getting screwed?

60% of marriages end up in divorce.

Used to be 50/50. It’s now up to 60%.

I was at the car wash getting my car washed and I was talking to a guy.

He told me he got the dog in the divorce and made a joke.

I asked what she got and he goes, the house.

Hmmm. A rescue dog or $1.5M home. Seems like the women always end up with the home and the man always ends up with the dog and the smaller car.

Should you just presume you’re just going to get screwed by getting married?

This is going to be a little rough for some of you to read, because some of you believe in the magic of marriage.

And I’m not telling you I don’t believe in the magic of marriage.

I don’t believe that everybody is going to get screwed and that all women are looking to screw the man.

I know a lot of women who get divorced and have more pride.

They know the man supported them during the marriage.

They prefer to make their own money.

They prefer to work, so they can help support the kids.

There are great divorces that happen.

There are great women who are out there that just don’t have their hand out looking to take advantage of a man even though they’re no longer with him.

But in a lot of marriages, the woman’s just got this sense of entitlement that makes me want to throw up.

And it really makes you think, when you’re happy and in love and you’re getting married, why don’t you just get the divorce agreement out of the way?

Just look at each other and say:

“Right now, we’re in the stage of being happy and blessed. Eventually we’re going to get on each other’s nerves and eventually one of us is going to hate the other person. And one of us might have an affair and one of us might cheat.

And one of us, maybe both of us, might be miserable.

Why don’t we just figure it out right now? If we’re together for 5 years, I’ll give you X, Y, and Z. If we’re together for 10 years, I’ll give you this. And if we’re together 15 years, I’ll give you that.”

Seriously, why not do it when you feel good about each other?

Because in reality, we all think that this person is the one.

But in reality, most of the time, they’re just another stepping stone for you.

It’s a relationship that you needed to have, a relationship that you learned from, a relationship that occupied a period of time in your life and you grew and loved each other during that time. But so often the relationship gets old and stale and you don’t have the tools to make the relationship work.

Why? Because, most likely, you picked wrong in the first place.

Now, I know there are things called prenuptial agreements, but those have been proven in court to not really work or stand up in a lot of places. Because there’s always the angry person who thinks they are entitled to everything that you’ve ever done in your life, no matter how long the marriage lasted.

People get ugly when they’ve been burned, and that’s just human nature.

So instead of moving forward, people want to get even. The court system is basically just there for getting back at each other through money. The person who’s being divorced will usually try to get back at the other party by taking their money.

I’ll get them. I will get them. I will get their retirement funds.

I will get the house.

I’ll show them.

What are you showing the other person, exactly?

That the opposite sex sucks and we shouldn’t trust each other ever again?

Because that’s what bad divorces do. They leave people messed up for a long time.

The reason why everybody is having so much trouble dating nowadays, especially the divorced people, is because the divorced people are pissed off and angry.

My motto has always been, if a relationship doesn’t work, I don’t hate them when it’s all done.

Whether I’m with somebody three months, three years, or 30 years, that’s my mindset.

I accept the fact that we no longer can connect, no longer love one another the way we used to, and I accept the fact that the relationship is over and we learned from it. And I know I can go through the next relationship with all this valuable knowledge and information. I’m not looking to get over on somebody.

But that just doesn’t seem the way the system is set up. The system seems to be set up to get over on each other. And that’s why so many of us are broken.

So, maybe we just have divorce settlements ahead of time. Why not?

Because remember, the odds are against you. 60%. That’s just a cold hard statistic.

So, if and when it ends, you at least already know what you were going to get.

There will be no hard disappointments. There will be no getting back at each other.

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll be open and feeling happy to date again so we’re no longer battling the nasty ex.