I’m sure that grabbed your attention and made you stand erect today.

What is your morning hard-on like?

Alright, I’m not talking about a boner or anything like that.

Sickos. 🙂

I’m talking about what gets you going in the morning.

What makes you want to get out of bed and what makes you excited about each day?

From all my coaching, I’ve discovered that a lot of people are not very excited about each day. They tend to slowly get out of bed.  They tend to not be excited about going to work, about starting their day, or about living life that day.

And that’s a big problem.

When I wake up in the morning, you know what my morning hard-on looks like?

When I wake up, all I think about is all the cool e-mails I’m going to read from people like you, the things I’m going to write, the things I’m going to create, and the people I’m going to work with that day.

I love my life and I love what I do.

I love taking my walks with my little girl in the morning.  I love to talk to my friends.  I love to work out.

I really enjoy my day.

I look forward to another day of living and that’s always been my mantra.  ‘Enjoy life at all costs.’

I don’t dread anything. I don’t think to myself, “Oh god, another day, I can’t take it.”


I wake up every single morning with a hard-on for life.

And that’s how you need to feel about your own life.  If you don’t feel that way about your life, you’ve got to start making those changes, you have to make those changes internally so you can start feeling great and start attracting people into your great life.

Start attracting all the people that you want to meet and hang out with. You’ll do that by waking up each morning with a hard-on.

It’s time you became a walking boner and showed everybody the pride of who you are and what you’re all about.  It’s time that you really woke up in the morning and enjoyed yourself.

Are you aroused?