What Is A Neg? by David Wygant

For those of you who are unaware, there’s an underground community of “pua’s,” self-titled pick-up artists with nicknames like Lickme67, Mystery of Redness, Dogeyes26, and Ten Pack 43. Basically these are men who hang out all day long in online “seduction lairs” like a bunch of boys hanging out in a tree fort with a sign reading “No Girls Allowed!” some of the men in this club teach seduction techniques and most of the lairs are led by a bunch of twenty-something guys. I have no issues with men who are trying to help each other out and these seductions lairs are great for that. But why the Dungeon and Dragons nicknames? Do they actually introduce themselves to women as there super hero alter ego?

A lair is a great place for men to meet like minded individuals like themselves. It is also a great support group but it is also like the blind leading the blind to a degree.
Some men in the lair had advanced skills and some men just don’t belong…they are not the right fit and some of the methods being taught may not work for that person.

Some of the lairs teach natural game while some are just sleezy in there methods. I am all about teaching guys natural inner game and I have created my own community on this blog based on these concepts.

You have a choice so read on.

Let’s for a second talk about what a twenty-something knows about dating, especially twenty-something males. Men under the age of thirty are ruled by their six inch friends. Everything they do to pick up a woman is based on what their little friend has to say. I was in my 20s and no matter what I thought, my little friend ruled the day. I am now older and wiser and can admit today what i could not admit back then. I was ruled by my groin!!!
I also feel that your 20s should be spent developing life long skills for success with not only women but overall people skills.

I’ve got no issues with dating coaches who are in their twenties and use their real names. I actually know a few really cool ones with whom I’ve been hanging out lately who are all about teaching the natural approach.

So, what’s up with this “seduction community?” In the seduction community, one of the methods of meeting a woman is to quickly lower their self-esteem by using a technique called a “neg.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with what a “neg” is, here is a little bit of explanation. A “neg” would be like going up to a girl you don’t know and saying “You’re overweight” or “You’re short” simply to put her off balance.

The basic theory behind a “neg” is that if you can lower a woman’s self-esteem and get her to look for your approval, that you will create attraction for you which will lead to sex. Learning how to get sex or just to pick up a woman and collect phone numbers is the whole idea behind some of the techniques of the seduction community . . . their techniques are not geared to lead to a relationship. I think that these seduction communities are a great place to start but you need to look outside the community and see what other options are out there.

“Negs” usually work on drunken bar girls or strippers. If you want to build a relationship with someone you respect who has self-confidence and dignity, “negs” are the worst technique to use. Is there a more sociopathic and unhealthy thing to do to start a relationship than this?!

This is all being done by insecure guys who think they have no other options most of whom are online posing as someone they’re not under aliases. Since they are insecure, these guys want to make the girls they’re approaching more insecure than them by using a “neg.” Think about this for a second . . . the whole point of using a “neg” is to make someone have a lower social value than you.

Another technique that these some of the pua’s use is called “demonstrate higher value,” which is basically where you come up with some kind of story to make a woman think that you’re not as much of a reject as you actually are. My question to these pua’s is: Rather than ‘demonstrating higher value,’ why not BE higher value?!

Think about this for a second. By using these “neg” and “demonstrate higher value” techniques, you’re basically telling yourself that you’re a reject and that you don’t deserve anybody great. So instead of really forming a great relationship with yourself and working on yourself so you’re a great person who can naturally meet women, you want to basically walk over to someone with greater self-esteem than you and rip them apart.

Isn’t this what we used to do in grammar school? You used to tease girls, telling them that they were ugly and fat, so you would get to kiss them behind the school bus. I’m not making this shit up.

One of the leaders of this “neg” community is named Mystery. There’s an actual man who’s proud to call himself Mystery. He teaches something called “The Mystery Method,” which is one of the most complex, non-intuitive, and bizarre methods anyone has ever come up with to meet a woman. After looking at “The Mystery Method,” I have one thing to say about it: Why would you use “The Mystery Method” when you could use the obvious method instead? If you have not seen his show on VH1 called the pick up artist I suggest you check it out. Great entertainment by the way!!

If you desire a deeper connection with women based on simple, obvious ways to connect that will yield lasting results, then you’re at the right place. If any of you want to remain in the dark on how to connect with women and come across to them as an unconfident, mysterious person, then I’ll gladly send you to a few websites so you can play in the men’s only tree fort.

If you’ve noticed, on this blog we have women (lots of them in fact) who give you fantastic dating advice and sex techniques. You can fault me all you want, but if you read in the comments to my blogs what these women say, you won’t be a “mystery” to women . . . you’ll become a man desired by women.