Want to trip out a little bit?

I just did an interview with a friend of mine, Christine, who’s also a coach.  And our conversation sparked a thought: what if you’ve already met the person you’re supposed to be with?

What if you’ve already crossed paths with them?  What if they’re somebody in your life right now that you haven’t yet realized is the right one for you?

Maybe they were dating a friend of yours.  Maybe there was an attraction between the two of you regardless. And maybe you just weren’t ready for that.

It’s really interesting to look at life and think to yourself, have I already met the man of my dreams?  Think about it. Think about all the men that have passed through your life, whether they ended up being intimate relationships or just friendships or neither.

Think back to a past date that you went on where you were so attracted to the guy but yet were so afraid to act upon that attraction.  Maybe he was the same exact same way and neither of you ever talked again.  Maybe he was a guy that you really liked and when his shyness kept him from calling, you decided to take it as a form of rejection and you never called him either. And he might have really liked you too and just thought you weren’t interested in him—all because you both were afraid to act on your passion.

Think back on all the people you’ve met in your life and ask yourself: did you already meet somebody great but weren’t ready for it?  I think the answer you’re going to find is “yes.”

And here’s the deal: I don’t ever want you to miss an opportunity again, ever.  I want you to be so prepared emotionally, mentally and physically for that great man to come into your life, that you two can’t help but connect when you meet.

The only way you can be prepared is by writing out what your ideal man and ideal relationship look like in a relationship journal. If you don’t have one—create one.  This is what I advise every woman to do.  If you do this, you’re going to find him. You’ll find him because you’ll know exactly who he is when you meet him (thanks to your relationship journal). And you’ll have the confidence to act on your passion because you’re not the kind of woman that would let the right one just walk on by.