The other night I watched a movie. I will be honest with you. It was one of the first movies I’ve seen in a theater in a while because I have one of those legal stream boxes that shoot me whatever.

I decided to go venture to this movie called Passengers, with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

I thought it was a movie about a plane wreck.

I literally thought people were passengers on a plane and then it would land, and then the plan crashed and they came back with magical powers. I tend not to read reviews.

Because for one, I couldn’t really care what people say.

I don’t know these critics personally at all. As a matter of fact, they’re just critics. Just like the same people who criticize people on blogs or Youtube. Who are these people exactly? Who is that weird person that has so much free time that they sit there and comment on everybody’s Youtube video and tells everything what an idiot they are when in reality they are sitting there being the idiot because they have nothing going on in their life.

Anyway, I don’t want to digress. I want to talk about Passengers.

For those of you who have not seen the movie, it’s a pretty simple story.

With a twist.

Boy kind of meets girl in a very different way.

Boy chooses girl. Hello, men out there who are afraid to approach women: I am going to tell you something right now, which I have been telling you for 17 years.

A man does not approach a woman. A man does not go over and talk to a woman and allows a woman to do everything but first will never ever trigger the emotional connection that she is needing to fall in love.

You see, Chris Pratt picked Jennifer Lawrence.

Well, who wouldn’t pick Jennifer Lawrence? She was laying in this pod.

I mean, if I saw Jennifer Lawrence laying in a pod and I was bored on an aircraft with nobody to play with, I would pick Jennifer Lawrence too, I’m sure. Out of all the 5,000 passengers on this spaceship, she was probably the hottest one on there. So good choice, Chris Pratt. I would have done the same exact thing.

I’m not going to ruin the movie for you. But it is far better than it actually appears to be. Because what they chose was love. You see, they went on this journey. This floating spaceship.

A spaceship that was going to take them 110 years into the future.

Not only that, they were going to sleep. For about 110 years.

They were going to sleep for all those years in a pod. They they were going to wait four months before they landed on a brand new planet that they were going to live on in the future.

I don’t know how they refuel or have enough fuel or food. But there were certainly some issues with the movie. If you go see it, you will understand why, because for some reason or other they had an endless supply of food which I don’t understand how they possibly could have had. And then everything couldn’t have really been real food. It had to have been powdered food.

But if you don’t rip the movie apart for the ridiculous things that are going on, then you would look at what the true message was. The true message is that we are all just passengers on a ship really looking to fall in love. And they chose love over eternal life. The chose love over so many other things. Because that is what we are all here for. We are all here to climb into our own spaceship, find somebody to love. Be selfless or less selfish, or selflessness.

And really truly formulate a family.

That was another thing about the movie that didn’t make much sense. They were having sex but yet she wasn’t getting pregnant. I just couldn’t figure that one out. You know, wouldn’t you think that if you have that much sex and you are enjoying it you are either would have an endless supply of condoms.

Or maybe she just had some futuristic birth control that just doesn’t allow her to get pregnant. My mind thinks about things like that too.

But in reality, the movie really is a beautiful journey on a spaceship called love.

You can almost call it the Love Ship, instead of the Love Boat.

It talks really about being selfless and understanding in a world where people are selfish especially in a world where everybody is fighting over something, fighting over territory, fighting over likes, fighting over children if they are divorce.

This movie opens you back up to the possibility that you can actually get on a ship, become a passenger and actually fall in love. Check it out and see what type of evaluation in your brain or what type of feelings it brings up for you.