Most people will bore the hell out of other people with a weather opener.

“Nice day.”

Oh, thanks for pointing out the obvious.

But, I’ll bet if you don’t point out the obvious, it won’t be boring. It will be interesting.

What if you actually used weather, well, as an interesting opener?

Or a conversation starter.

Recently, I was driving back from the desert.

I left and it was 72 degrees.

I drove through an absolutely amazing sand storm.

I then it starting rising in elevation and and it was raining. Literally dropping 30 degrees in the span of a 20 minute drive.

Then, as I started to drive, and I got closer to Los Angeles again, the sun was shining, and it was 55 degrees.

Weather can actually be an interesting topic because it’s constantly changing.

So instead of just saying, what a great day out, you can be like, man what a great day. Can I tell you how beautiful it is to live in southern California?

“The other day, I was up at —” you see how you can tell the story from the other day.

What if you’re living in a place where it’s unseasonably mild?

And you can look at somebody and go, man, what a great a day. We really lucked out this winter. We had no snow. It was great. How did you make the most of this really warm winter.

You can use those conversations that way.

But, what do you appreciate most about living in southern California?

If someone says, what a great day it is, or how pretty it is out, you can say, “that’s nothing, yesterday I was —” and use the same story above.

Sharing and getting creative. When you share and get creative, you can actually use weather as an opener.

It’s not boring, like most people make it.

Start becoming creative, and watch what happens to your conversation.