Keep him out the man caveMen and women are so different. Yeah I know I’m stating the obvious right now. And by the way, I’m not just talking about the way we look naked. I’m talking about our brains and how we’re wired. I’m talking about the way we think, and the way we react the certain things.

The other day a friend of mind came round to see me, and he says, “David, my girlfriend just doesn’t know how to talk to me at all. The other day we’re talking and she started laying into me. Without warning she launched into telling me how sometimes I’m clueless!”

I asked him what she meant by him being clueless?

He says, “Well, we were at her parent’s house and the conversation dried up. I tried to say something to liven things up, and mentioned something I wasn’t supposed to know about. That was a month ago but she decided to bring it up and tell me I never say the right thing.”

Ladies, you can’t tell men we’re clueless like that. You can’t reprimand us like children. You shouldn’t need to belittle us to get your point across. Women have a really bad habit of talking to guys like their mothers would and it’s the quickest way to push men away.

You don’t need to put on your penis and emasculate a man. I can’t stand it when women do that. How would you feel if a man did it to you?

Imagine you’re at your office, the phone rings, and it’s me. Here’s what I say…
“Hey _____

You know, I have to tell you something.  The other day, when we were out driving around, and you were lost and confused?  Man you’re so clueless!  You really are. You’re just so clueless.  At least you did something right, and got us there.  Mind you that was after you finally listened to me!”

After reading that, how does that make you feel? I just belittled you over and over. Then I said you only got it right when you listen to me. Do you feel angry? Do you feel insignificant? Do you feel frustrated? Would you want to date a man who treated you like that?

The next time you talk to a man and you want to get your point across, instead of attacking him, I want you to do this instead. I want you to look at him and say, “What was going through your mind in that situation? It didn’t go so well. What went wrong?”

Do you see the difference?

It’s about support. Talk through your problems. Discuss things that don’t go well and figure out how you can improve them. When you attack a man, or belittle him, he’s going to run into his man-cave and he won’t want to come out. Think before you speak, and think about how a man is going to feel about what you say. The quickest way to make a man go cold is to treat him as if you’re his Mother.

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