Let’s talk about the elephant nose in the room.

Because what I’m about to expose to you is a man’s sex drive. We’re going to talk about the elephant nose.

What part of a man’s body looks like an elephant nose?

That’s correct, the penis.

What I’m about to explain to you is going to enlighten you in so many ways because that penis is out of control.

understanding male sex driveSo, let’s talk a little bit about Mr. Penis.

If Mr. Penis were allowed to do whatever he wanted, what do you think he’d be doing all day long?

He’d be sleeping with every single woman that walks by.

The guy that works at Walmart, as he’s standing there, cutting prices, on a daily basis, restocking shelves, he’s looking at every single woman that walks by. And the one thought that’s consistently going through his little brain, Mr. Penis, is I could sleep with her.

I could sleep with her.

I could sleep with her.

That’s right. That guy that’s staring at your butt as you walk in Walmart, that’s exactly what he’s thinking. The penis is out of control.

All it does is send impulses up to the brain 24/7.

Sleep with her.

Do her.

You want her.

It’s like a little child out of control in a toy store. You know, if you’ve ever taken a five-year-old to a toy  store, when you tell the child, “No, you can’t buy that game.”

The kid sits there and whines and goes, “Why not?”

Then they’ll throw themselves down on the ground and have a shit fit because you’re not buying a new toy.

Well, guess what, that’s exactly what the penis is saying every single day when a woman is standing there. The penis thinks, why can’t I have that new toy? And that new toy, and that new toy?

The Male Sex Drive Has No Limits

If women just gave in and decided to sleep with every single man, every man would sleep with every single woman. No repercussions at all.

A penis doesn’t think about disease, sexually transmitted stuff.

A penis doesn’t think during the height of passion that he might get somebody pregnant.

He’s thinking, I’ve got a wide receiver, he’s open. He’s 80 yards down the field. I can throw this pass.

He doesn’t see the corner back, he doesn’t see anything. He doesn’t see the defender coming around going, “No, don’t sleep with her.”

“She’ll give you something bad.”

“She’s ovulating.”

A penis thinks nothing except I need to get in there. So, this is something you need to understand about men because when you’re dating a guy…

You Need to Decide When to Have Sex

So many men are driven by their penis.

That’s why you can go out on a bad date with a guy, have zero chemistry at all, and he’s humping you like a golden retriever in heat in the parking lot.

He is clueless. You see, his lateral mind is thinking to himself, yeah, maybe we didn’t really get along. Maybe we don’t have chemistry.

But his penis is sending the message, no, no, no, no, we have a live woman here. Let’s get in there.

The great thing, ladies, is as a man gets older, the penis becomes a little more like the resting elephant in the zoo.

It’s not constantly screaming and getting hard. It actually becomes a little more rational.

So, if you’re young and dating young guys, you might have to beat them down with a stick because they are being driven by Mr. Penis. But as a man gets older, his sex drive dissipates. His testosterone level goes down.

Don’t get me wrong, not all men are bad. Not all men listen to the evil empire.

You remember Darth Vader in Star Wars?

How Darth Vader breathed? That’s really like the penis and the underwear breathing all day long in that deep, dark breathing.

He’s thinking how he’s going to be unleashed at any time.

Men’s sexual impulses will never go away. It’s up to you to say no. It’s up to you to distinguish the men that can control these urges from the ones that can’t. And, when you’re going out on a date, it’s up to you to see how quickly Mr. Penis tries to get into your pants.

Don’t sleep with a guy so fast. It can wait. If you can make him wait, you’ll see a man that’s in control. The men that are listening to Mr. Penis, they’re going to go on to the next pumping station that they can find.