Here are my championship game predictions.

In the NFC, I am going to stick with my preseason prediction that the Saints will make it to the Super Bowl. The score? Saints 34, Vikings 24.

Sorry Favre, but the team you should have stuck with will actually be playing the Saints in the Super Bowl. How ironic is that?

So what I am about to say next probably isn’t too much of a mystery. The Jets will win in a last second field goal, and edge out the Colts 23-20.

How did they get into field goal range? Sanchez hits Edwards for 27 yards and Edwards actually holds on to the ball.

Now let’s move onto to some talk of interaction with some other famous people…

It’s funny. I was just in Whole Foods filming a little undercover video for my Community Site members. If you don’t know about my Community Site, you can find out more HERE.

In this undercover video, Will was basically going around the store talking to people and then I would critique it. It has actually been really fun to do these undercover videos with Will.

Me critiquing him has really helped him grow socially, and I enjoy doing it. Picture Peyton Manning breaking down the “x’s and o’s” of your game or Bill Belichick designing your defense (well maybe not this year).

Anyway, while we were on this undercover shoot, we ended up in line next to actress Michelle Rodriguez (from the tv show Lost and the movie Avatar). When I asked Will if he wanted to talk to her, he said “Why not? She is a person. I can open her and talk to her just like I would anyone else.”

So he did just that. She wasn’t really all that friendly, just like some “non-famous” people are just not that friendly. She did, however, acknowledge him and talk to him a little bit and even gave him a little half-ass smile.

It’s funny. So many people are infatuated and/or intimidated by people they want to meet — whether those people are celebrities or business people. It reminds me of something that happened back in 1997 when I was living in San Diego.

I saw Tony Robbins sitting in a cafe. Everyone in the cafe was staring at him.

I called up a guy I knew, told him about Tony Robbins was there and asked him what I should do. He immediately said, “Go talk to him. When else are you going to have an opportunity to talk to Tony Robbins? Remember, everyone likes talking about themselves. Just sit down and just tell him that you are in the same business and are really curious about how he got started.”

So, I did exactly that. I talked to Tony Robbins for 45 minutes. I had a great conversation with him, and learned a lot about how he got started in his business. By the end of the conversation, I realized that Tony Robbins and I were no different.

Celebrities are only celebrities because we put them in that “celebrity box” in our own minds. They are just regular folks who happen to be acting, running a corporation or playing a professional sport.

The bottom line is that everyone likes talking about themselves. So say you see a celebrity and say “Hi, how is your day going?” They are going to answer you.

At that moment you may feel like saying, “God, I saw you in that movie and it was phenomenal! Was that your favorite role you’ve ever played?” You should say it!

When you do, that person is immediately going to start talking. I’ve done it before.

You have to realize that the universe put you there — in that place and time — for a reason. As I talk about all the time in the blog, you can learn so much from strangers. So why not approach people and talk to them?

You never know. Some of you might actually end up dating a celebrity. We might end up reading about you in US Magazine.

Others of you might run into Donald Trump and start working for him. Who knows?

It’s all networking and growing your network. Just because someone is a celebrity, doesn’t mean they can’t be in your network and doesn’t mean you can’t join theirs.

So now, check out this video to see if Will is going to end up dating celebrity Michelle Rodriguez:

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Have a fantastic Saturday!