Today I want to talk about recycling women.  No, don’t walk around the park, grab a bunch of women, and put them in a blue plastic container. Nor do you, after a date, put them on the front of the doorstep, or throw them down the garbage shoot.  I’m talking about low hanging fruit… recycling women.

Recyclable women, are women you might have gone out with at one point in your life for some reason or another didn’t call, didn’t follow-up with because you were searching for something bigger and better. Maybe you had a moment of confidence and thought you could do better.

I believe the reason why so many people have trouble connecting is because they don’t have enough women in their life. Here’s how you can have more women in your life:

Dating Skills Must Stay Fresh

You go too long between dates, so when you finally do get a date you’re rusty. It’s like getting an ACL tear in football in September, first week of the season. You’re out the entire season, you’re out mini-camp and you can’t play again until the following year.

When you step back out on the field you’re rusty. You get inside your head and you think to yourself…

“Am I going to blow my knee again. I haven’t played in like 14 months.”  

It’s the same thing in baseball.

The guys who rip their elbows get surgery. They spend so much time rehabbing, and staying inside their head. They don’t have enough contact with other members of their team, with the sport itself, and really life is no different than a sport.

You Need Women in Your Life

What I want you to do is start getting more women in your life. Recycling women. I want you to look through your phone today and take a look at what we call the low hanging fruit. I’m sure there’s a few women in your phone, or there better be. If there aren’t, then you’re not doing any of the things listed in my programs.

I’m going to presume you actually listen to all the things I say, so there a few women in your phone. I want you to think of those women, and why you didn’t go out with them yet again. Maybe you had a confidence burst, maybe you decided that you wanted to try something else, or maybe you just screwed up and didn’t call them back in enough time. You start getting inside your head.

I want you to send a text to a few women you would like to see again. The text needs to be simple but not too direct:

I want you to send this text:

“I was thinking about you the other day, how have you been? Hopefully I’m still in your phone :)”

… and then put your name in there, and the let the text fly.  Let it fly to several women in your phone (NOT WOMEN WHO ARE FRIENDS).

You need women in your life, desperately. The more women you have in your life, the more attractive you become. The more you hang out, the more attractive you become. The more you have sex on a regular basis with somebody, the more attractive you become. So today is low hanging fruit day, recycling women day.  Go out there and do it.  Send the text out and if you don’t have anybody in your phone…

Then I strongly suggest you start at ground zero with this below!

Seven Second Seduction

I strongly suggest you check out this product and make changes in your life. No adult, or nobody over the age of 16 should not have one single member of the opposite sex in their phone.  That is purely pathetic.