Whenever I do a seminar with men, I always ask them to describe the last time they had sex.

As I listen to them, I think to myself, I feel sorry for the woman that had to have sex with this man.

Let’s face it. Women are far more passionate, loving, sensual and amazing in bed than men are.

So many men are addicted to porn, so whenever they do have sex, they come so quickly, you’d think that they were the famous minutemen of the Revolutionary War.

There are so many one-pump Charlies out there compared to the marathon men that makes you feel safe and secure.

So how do you train one-pump Charlie or minuteman into being your best lover ever?

Well, let me tell you, it’s really easy. And there’s only one way to do this.

It’s to appeal to his male ego.

Here is a known or unknown fact to some of you women.

Men are orgasm counters.

Men think numbers validate them.

So, when they’re having sex with you, they want to know if they’ve made you come one time.

Two times.

Three times or more.

They don’t understand the continuous rolling, sensual, erotic orgasm that a lot of women can experience during lovemaking.

They want to know when you’re coming. It’s almost like announcing this orgasm train into the station.

Next stop; orgasm.

Train coming into station.

All aboard for the orgasm.

And then, when you’re about to have another orgasm, it’s the same thing.

Next stop, orgasm.

All aboard for the orgasm.

Men need to know when you’re coming because it validates their fragile little male egos.

So, when you’re training your man, like you’re training a puppy, you need to say good boy often.

You see? If you’re orgasm, you need to tell a man this.

“Don’t stop what you’re doing. It feels amazing.”

Then, when you’re close to an orgasm, you need to give him the preview. It’s kind of like the preview to the movie. Oh, my god, say.

I’m about to come. You’re amazing.

When you do come, look in his eyes afterwards so he connects to you and say that felt amazing. Don’t stop what you’re doing. Let’s do this again. It works when a man is inside you.

It works when a man is going down on you, especially when a man is going down on you, and he’s going left, and, well, he just happens to go right in a split second, and that’s the spot you want. You need to literally say to him:

Oh, my god. Right there. Right there. Oh, my god. That feels better than anything you’ve ever done. Don’t stop.

If you want him to go another direction, just go, oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god. Give it a break for a second. Go the other direction. Go the other direction. Right? Oh, my god, oh, my god, it feels better than before. It feels better than anything. That feels so much better. Keep going.

You need to speak to him gently and coach him through this so he becomes that fantastic lover that you’re looking for.

You can’t ever tell him this.

Hey, babe, when you do this, I really don’t like it.

Can we try something different because this doesn’t work for me, doesn’t get me to come.

When you go down on me, you always stop all the time right before I’m going to have an orgasm and do something different.

All that stuff makes him and his small little male ego feel invalid and feel disconnected, not safe, and he feels like his little balls have been busted. You’re sending him down the road to Viagra town because then what comes next will be impotency because he’s afraid he doesn’t know what to do.

So, as he massaged your wonderful little clit and makes it feel great, you need to do the same equal massaging that he’s doing on your clit with his brain and his mind and give him the sexual validation he needs so that you can train him to being the lover you want.

He’ll never figure out that you’re training him at all. He’ll just think he’s the best you’ve ever had.