What a great “guy’s weekend” — nonstop football Saturday and Sunday, and there’s still two Monday Night Football games tonight. By midnight tonight, though, the greatest guy’s weekend will end and it will be back to reality.

Let’s talk about reality and about a subject that I believe will really get people thinking…

I just had kind of a funny conversation with Tyler (who works with me) about relationships. I’ve had this conversation with four different guys. It is something I’ve always wondered.

You know, we were just joking around as two guys will do. Then I asked him, “Do you think if men and women couldn’t have sex — if sex was out of the equation, there was no such thing as sex drive and sex didn’t even exist — do you think that men and women would still hang out? Do you think they would really hang out together?”

Do men and women have enough things in common outside of sex so that they would hang out together if sex wasn’t a factor? Granted, men love looking at women and women love looking at men, but sex is a big part of relationships.

If you took sex out of the equation, what would you have? You’d have a typical married life. Okay, I’m joking a little bit about the marriage thing . . . although that is the case in many a marriage.

If there was no such thing as sex or a sex drive, do you believe that men and women would really hang out? Do you believe that people would just hang out with people they like regardless of gender, or do you believe that guys would just hang out with guys because they have more in common with each other? Guys do have a lot of things in common (many times it’s sports).

Now, of course, this whole hypothetical couldn’t possibly happen. If sex was taken away then, then this blog would not exist and neither would I (in terms of my job description)…and you wouldn’t be here writing comments. If there were no sex then the world would still be full of dinausars, but let’s allow ourselves to go into fantasyland for a minute.

If sex were not part of the equation, would men just sit around with each other all day long scratching their groins, burping, farting and watching sports? What would women talk about when they got together for lunch if they weren’t talking about men? Would it be all hair and makeup talk?

Would Oprah have a career? What about all the self-help books? Half of them would be gone. All the “men like bitches” and “women playing hard to get” theories would be gone . . . or would they?

Would men and women still date if they had no sex drive? I’ll tell you one thing. If there were no sex drive, then “porn” would not be the number one search term on the Internet. It would be “NFL” instead.

There would be no such thing as blue balls or multiple orgasms, and one of the biggest money making businesses in the world – the manufacturers of birth control pills and Viagra — would be out of business. What would the pharmaceutical companies do?

So let’s talk about this “new reality.” If you couldn’t have sex and men and women just hung out as friends, would men and women still get married? Would men and women still live together, or would men just live in fraternity houses (and women in sorority houses) for the rest of their lives?

I’ll tell you one benefit to there being no sex. There would be far fewer cats up for adoption, because no woman would be scared to get a cat for fear of being labeled ‘the lonely cat lady.’

So now I want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on this? Let’s talk about this today, because it’s a great topic.

Do you believe that men and women would hang out if sex was out of the equation?