Why Men CheatLet’s talk about sex today. I want to use the example of the ex-governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. A Hollywood actor who married Maria Shriver, of Kennedy royalty.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair with his maid. I want you to Google right now a picture of Maria Shriver and the maid Arnold had sex with.  See any commonality?

It’s impossible to see, but you know it’s there. Think real hard…

Give up?

They both have vaginas. Maria Shriver, tiny feet, in great shape. The housekeeper on the other hand… Overweight, fat, chunky, and not pretty at all. But it didn’t matter. When she made herself available to him, when she was licking her lips and winking, Arnold leapt at the opportunity.

You see men are very primal, they smell vagina, they find vagina, they’ll hit vagina. When sex is available to him, he’s not going to say no.  It’s just plain and simple.  Take a look at the pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his housekeeper.

Schwarzenegger is a major celebrity. He couldn’t have any woman he wanted, but there are plenty of better looking options for sure. If Maria Shriver is cheated on what chance do you think you have? And, it’s not Shriver’s fault. Arnold is a man. It’s what men do. Arnold Schwarzenegger had Maria Shriver. Arnold’s not the only one.

Remember Hugh Grant?

When he was cruising on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard one night, a transvestite girl comes up to the side of the car and tells him how hot and sexy he is. She triggered his pride.

Let be clear, this is Hugh Grant. The man’s been nominated for every entertainment award there is. He knows he’s special. He could have most women, but this one was available at the time. She stroked his pride and he thought, “I can hit that thing even though it’s ugly as can be and has an Adam’s apple.”

And when he was caught, what did he say?

I thought she was a girl.

How about Eddie Murphy?

The list of men who were caught with hideously unattractive women despite having their pick of the crop, is staggering. Many of these men have beautiful, hot, sexy wives. Their wives are perfect models. The ideal of beauty is waiting for them at home. They have money, success, the adoration of fans, and it’s still not enough.

Men like to fuck and they’ll pretty much fuck anything. It astounds me when women tell me they can’t get laid. Seriously go out, wear something sexy and make eye contact. Men will approach you within the hour.


Because the second a free vagina comes up. For men it’s literally like going to Costco. You know when you go to Costco and they’re always giving the free food even though you know you shouldn’t eat it because it’s full of GMO and everything else. You can’t resist the little old lunch lady, there with a hair net, giving you free food.

There’s no difference between a free cookie and when it’s free vagina. Most men have absolutely no will power whatsoever. Take a look through history; Monica Lewinski and Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton could’ve screwed anybody he wanted. The only reason why he was impeached is because the republicans feel like he mishandled his office.

You see republicans when they have an affair, the women are hot, but democrats have affairs, the women are not.

The republican senators and congressmen were pissed off because if they were the president, they would’ve never allowed Monica Lewinski to suck their dick. Men get stupid. The second a woman comes on to them, and they know the sex is free, most men, the majority of men, will take it.

That’s just how they’re wired.  They’re primal apes, primal cavemen. Take a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now take a look at a Lowland Gorilla.

Take a look at both pictures.

Do they look alike?

Of course they do.

Now, take a look at every other man that’s ever been caught cheating with a woman who was far less attractive than his wife. It wasn’t about the looks. It was because the little lunch lady at Costco was giving out the free pussy. No offense to the cute little housekeeper that slept with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but she knew exactly what she was doing.

And when she said she had protection, Schwarzenegger, the governor of California at the time, believed her. And people wonder why the state of California is such a mess. You wonder why we have a water shortage here, tax crisis, asinine gas prices…

Think about that for a little bit.