I’m with Will right now, and we’re driving around getting ready to do some undercover in-field videos. So look out for those to be appearing soon on the Community Site. Also, maybe if I’m nice I will actually post one or two of them on YouTube.

Anyway, we were talking about my friend Behar. A lot of you know Behar from the Men’s Mastery Series. He has become something of a legend from that.

He’s actually the man who looked at me at age nineteen and said, “You just have no clue. Do you?” It was an eye-opening moment for me at that time (being age nineteen), because I really didn’t have a clue.

Behar is a basically an “average guy” — about 5’9″ or 5’10”, is kind of going bald and has the “Jewish nose.” Whenever we would go out, he would always kind of throw me under the bus — and this is something every one of you can do when you’re out trying to meet women.

After seeing him do this about a thousand times, I can give you the sequence of events in perfect detail. Here is how this would go down every single time.

He and I would go to a restaurant. The waitress would come over and, of course, would start flirting with me instead of him.

Behar would immediately look at the waitress and say, “Oh, you’re so typical. You go for the solid, good-looking guy just like women always do.” Then the waitress would feel the need to defend herself, and would look at him and say, “No, no that’s not me at all.”

Behar would respond, “What are you talking about? You ignored me like I was not even sitting here. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever thought about going for short, fat, bald Jewish guys? Do you have any idea what you’re missing?”

The waitress would start laughing. Then Behar would tell the waitress to leave and get our order.

When the waitress returned, she would once again start to flirt with me. Behar would say, “Have you given any consideration at all to what I talked to you about? Are you a woman who doesn’t want to expand her horizons, and just continues to do the same things over and over again? You know that is the definition of insanity.”

At this point, her ears were perked up and her mind was racing. Of course, she would always seem to say, “So tell me about short, fat, bald, Jewish guys.” Behar would then look at her deadpan — right in the eyes — and say, “You’ll just have to find out for yourself.”

I mean, it was brilliant. It is one of those things that either works or it doesn’t. The bottom line is that it worked half the time — half the women would go for it and the other half would go back to what they originally wanted, i.e., me.

Anybody can do this. It doesn’t just work if you are a “bald, fat, short, Jewish guy.” It can work if you are average looking, or of a particular ethnicity (e.g., of the “Asian persuasion”), or if you’re super tall or super skinny or whatever it may be.

If, for example, you are of the “Asian persuasion” (as one of my Bootcamp students once termed himself), you could say something like this: “Let me ask you a question. have you ever had a guy of the Asian persuasion? I mean, come on, do you always go for the tall white guy? Have you ever tried Asian? You know, we come in a lot of different flavors.”

There are so many different ways that you can do this. There are so many different ways to have fun with this.

Women love to respond to a challenge. Doing this is calling them out on their shit.

People love to be called out on their shit. They love to be challenged.

So how are you going to challenge yourself to challenge a woman? That’s the real question I have for you today.