Are you watching these Republican debates?

Well I know if I talk about anything besides dating and relationships, all of you get your little panties in a knot, so I’m warning you right now, spoiler alert.

This has nothing to do with dating and relationships. Well, maybe. We’ll just see.

trump rubio debateHave you watched Marco Rubio and Donald Trump going back and forth about who has a bigger penis?

Trump with the small hands and Rubio basically telling him you what they say about men with small hands.

Is it me, or is this just disgraceful?

Since when did penis size become a pre-requisite for running for president of the United States?

I mean, as far as I’m concerned, Hillary might have the biggest penis of them all. Who knows what’s hidden underneath her clothes?

But this has just become absolutely disgraceful.

Trump vs. Rubio: How it Will Affect the Country

To watch this is almost like watching a skit from Saturday Night Live, but yet these are men who want to represent this once proud country as its president. Are any of you thinking about the repercussions of what this ridiculous comedy show will become once one of these people become the president of your country?

They ran on the dick platform.

Trump can say he won because he has small hands but he’s got a big cock.

Rubio can say I was short in stature, but hung like a horse.

It’s ludicrous. It’s ridiculous. It’s juvenile. It almost feels like they’re running for school president of a school that’s being run by a bunch of comedians.

Join the Conversation

Yeah, I know, I talked about politics. I’m not allowed to, but I’ll tell you what, if you’re not talking politics right now, if you’re not watching the TV at the gym and making a comment to the woman next to you on the treadmill about how crazy this whole thing is, if you’re not getting into a conversation with people at bars and restaurants and parties about this crazy election right now, you’re missing some of the greatest talking points that have ever occurred in the history of dating and relationships.

That’s right, I tied it back to your favorite topic.

I swore I wouldn’t. I swore I would not tie it back to dating, and they also tell you never to talk about politics on a date, well whoever they is, they can go to Hell.

Because this is brilliant. This can occupy your entire date. You can go and meet any woman right now just by looking at the cover of People Magazine and saying “Wow! I didn’t know that penis size was important in the presidential election.”