I’ll bet that grabbed your attention. All you Trump haters every single day are posting things on Facebook about what a devil this man is.

If you actually look at Trump, with that horrific comb over, that menacing look in his eyes, and the way he walks and talks, it’s very easy to paint devil horns on the top of his head.

The ridiculous things he says

There are things that Trump says that you just can’t believe somebody would utter in 2017.

trump devil
See how natural that looks?

Could this man be this much of a racist?

Could this man degrade women anymore?

It’s amazing about how much hate there is right now for the President of The United States.

Never, in the history of my lifetime, have I ever seen such hatred for the President of The US.

And believe me in my lifetime, we’ve had some real dumb ones in the office.

George Bush Jr., eight years. Hello?

George Bush Jr. was one of the worst presidents ever. But he didn’t have that much hate around him. People called him stupid.

People called him a spoiled little boy even though he was a man.

People called him ignorant, which by the way, he really wasn’t. He wasn’t a dumb man at all. He just, well, acted irrational, and like he didn’t give a shit.

But Trump?

Donald Trump? The man who coined the phrase on The Apprentice, “You’re fired”?

The man who, according to Howard Stern, probably never wanted to be president, but was most likely just doing this to get his ratings up?

The anti-Christ is in the office right now. The devil is in the office.

It reminds me of a Charlie Daniel’s song, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia, He was looking for a soul to steal.

Well, the Devil’s now in Washington, or is he really? You know he’s going to easily beat Ronald Reagan’s least amount of night and days in the White House. I think Reagan did 100.

But is Donald Trump really the devil? Or is he the greatest healer the world has ever seen?

I know there’s no way in the world you could see Donald Trump running a meditation class.

Or doing downward dog with that hair comb in yoga, or sitting and breathing kundalini yoga.

But Donald Trump is not the devil. Donald Trump is the world’s biggest healer, and I’m going to explain why.

Never in my life time have I ever seen so many people uniting and so passionate about things months after an election.

This is America, folks.

This is the land of sweeping things under the carpet.

Let’s be honest, we grieved about 9/11 for a couple of weeks and then we just kind of went on our own merry-way.

We don’t stick with things here.

We’re always sold the bigger and better deal, the next thing.

But right now, right now, we have a movement going on, and it’s all because Donald Trump, the devil who’s the world’s greatest healer, is actually leading this country.

People are bonding together.

People are sharing.

People are talking about the issues.

People are more empathetic and compassionate than ever before.

Donald Trump is a fucking healer!

We’re getting together like we’ve never gotten together before. We’re becoming united, finally for the first time in so long, we’re actually The United States of America.

Instead of the Un-United States of The Kardashian’s.

Or the Un-United States of The Facebook Post.

People are bonding, connecting, talking, feeling, joining.

More people are talking about love and finding people than ever before because they want to bond together to fight the devil Donald Trump.

But in reality, Donald Trump is really the greatest healer, because he’s brining back the need for one another again.

We live in a disconnected social media world, where people would rather sit home and post memes and likes on Facebook.

Swipe for love.

Slight for love then actually find love.

Finally, we’re swiping left on some things that fucking matter.

Have so many fake relationships with so many people via social media, via Bumble and Tinder.

How many more text conversations about absolutely nothing do we need until we finally wake up and realize we’re sitting home alone on the sofa by ourselves?

Donald Trump is the greatest healer we’ve ever had. Because we’re finally in a world that was so narcissistic…

That was so all about other people lives from the Kardashians to the Turners…

(Even if there were Turners, who the hell are the Turners?)

To the Jenner’s, to the Afflecks…

To the Pitt’s, to the Jolie’s…

We are more consumed about other people than we were about ourselves.

Well, Donald Trump has woke us all up because all of the sudden now we’re not talking about killing it with the Kardashian’s.

We’re talking about killing the Trump.

Donald Trump is the greatest healer because finally we’re sitting home alone. We’re angry, we’re pissed off and we’re realizing how important it is to have somebody by our side. Real people, not real posts.

Words of sympathy and emotion and not just memes on a screen.

We’re finally waking up to the fact that we’ve been under a cloud of ridiculous Facebook, Twitter and all other forms of social media. We’ve been escaping into all of that for so long and we no longer feel safe in that world.

You see, Donald Trump came and made us feel oh so unsafe.

You don’t know what’s going to come out of his mouth next, and that’s why love is going to make a comeback.

Connection is going to make a comeback.

Collective consciousness is going to be all of us fighting for love because when hell comes you want to be with the person you love. Families are going to become stronger. Friendships are going to become stronger. Unions are going to become stronger.

Marches, female groups, male groups. Everything’s going to become stronger because we get strength in numbers.

If Hillary was President it’d be the same old, same old. Sure we’d feel safer knowing that somebody was in the White House who understood policy, who understood foreign policy, who understood what a government does. But in reality, Donald Trump is the messenger and he’s going to become the greatest healer we’ve ever witnessed.

I don’t know what’s he going to do as President. But I know this collective consciousness that’s going on right now is only the beginning.

We’re finding each other again in person. We’re hugging, we’re touching, we’re connecting, we’re talking.

We’re not just posting and reading about others. We’re searching and looking to become safe. Donald Trump has given us the bomb shelter of the 50’s again. We want to hunker down and bring as many of our friends down there as possible so we can fight the devil who is actually the greatest healer.