When I open my emails, and read the problems you guys are having with meeting women, one issue still sticks out. So many of you still struggle with overcoming nerves around girls. In fact, some emails I’ve had tell me you even struggle to have conversations with men!

To me that sounds more like social anxiety. A side-effect of our digital dependent society, or just down to the fact so many young guys now are way more passive than before? Who knows, but let’s try and deal with the problem of nerves around girls. The trouble is, as with any fear, the longer you go without dealing with it, the worse it gets. It’s like the elephant in the room. You can’t ignore it. It’s there, and if you don’t deal with it, the problem won’t go away.

Let’s say you’re out and about and you see a beautiful girl sitting there. You’re so scared and nervous to talk to her, you take the easy way out and walk away. You feel relieved for a few minutes because you didn’t put yourself through the “ordeal” but then you feel crap for the rest of the day because you know you didn’t do what you should have done.

Imagine a life where you didn’t freeze up every time a woman walked up to you. Imagine a life where you didn’t start sweating when a friend introduces you to a hot girl and then walks away. Imagine a life where you could walk over to any woman you like, without looking like you have a stick up your arse. Fear is like a giant chain. It wraps itself around you, and stops you from doing the things you want to do in life. The great thing is, the chain is in your head, and YOU can choose to get rid of the chain whenever you want. BUT…

There’s Only One Way To Overcome Your Nerves Around Girls

The only way you can beat your fears, and the only way you can break those chains of fear is to walk through your fears. If you’re afraid of flying, you need to fly. If you’re afraid of water you need to get in a swimming pool. If you’re nervous around girls, you need to start talking to girls. There’s no other way. I remember a kid at school who was scared of swimming. Why?

Because he was 10 and his folks had never taken him swimming. He’d never faced the water and now he was afraid of it. Only after he’d been in the water a few times and learned it wasn’t going to kill him, did he get over his fears. Tony Robbins used to (and I think still does) do a firewalk, where he makes people walk over hot coals. It seems impossible and everyone freaks out over doing it, but eventually of course they all do it. Robbins teaching is, now you’ve walked over burning hot coals, you can do anything.

I do a similar exercise with my boot camp guys to get them over their fear of talking to women, and I’m going to share the exercise with you now. If you’re prepared to face your fear and do the work, this exercise will get you over your fears for good, BUT, you have to go out of your comfort zone to do it. If you’re not prepared to get uncomfortable, it won’t work and you’ll be stuck with that big elephant in the room.

I know you don’t want that. So check out the video below, and next week, I’ll let you see part 2 of the video so you can see how the guys at the boot camp got on. Their results should light a fire under your butt to get out and do it yourself!