How Tom Brady plays until the very end, a lesson you need as well.

I was on the phone with a client.

She’s one of my favorite clients.

I enjoy talking to her.

And I felt her anxiety and frustration while we were speaking.

She’s getting annoyed at dating.

She wanted to know how many men she needed to meet in order to meet the guy that she can have a relationship with. How much longer was all this going to last?

We need to look at life as a game.

A game that really never ends until the day we die.

I want you to take a look at the Super Bowl, and I promise you this will be my last Super Bowl analogy for a while. That Super Bowl was so amazing, the best one ever played, that I just can’t help seeing so many great analogies to life in what happened there.

There were about eight minutes left in the game with the Patriots down 28 to 3, for those of you that have been under a rock for the last week.

But yet they never quit. Most teams in that situation, including Aaron Rogers and the Packers, when they were down big against the Falcons, literally rolled over like a little child doing its first rollover when the parents are going, yea, he rolled over.

That’s what most people are doing. Most people are quitting, literally. Most people are literally rolling over and playing dead. But not the Patriots and not Tom Brady.

They play every single game to the final whistle.

That’s why a lot of the times people get angry at the Patriots, because they run up the score. Well, they do it because the game’s not over yet and anything can happen. See, it’s a mentality that is instilled from the owner, to the general manager, to the coach, to the players.

Nobody is bigger than the team.

If somebody is egotistical and bigger than the team, they get rid of that person because that person won’t play to the very, very end because that person is playing for themselves.

You see, the Patriots play to the very, very end, but most of you, when it comes down to dating, don’t even play to the very end. You don’t even get the middle. You are basically going back to the beginning over and over again.

This guy didn’t play until the end, and now here he is on Valentine’s Day.

It’s not easy to go meet somebody who you’re going to spend an incredible amount of time with. That soul-to-soul connection that we all crave, desire, and want.

Love is definitely a game and it’s not a game for people who want to quit.

It’s not a game for people who are thin-skinned.

Love is a game for people who want to go and make a full-on commitment and they’re willing to play until the final whistle is blown and you are fucking dead, stiff, rigor mortis.

Because that’s how you play the game of life, as well.

There are times when we get frustrated. We can’t stand out job, we’re not making the money we used to make.

Our kid is angry and making us feel miserable.

We start dating and we can’t seem to meet anybody. We’re swiping, we’re typing, we’re doing all these things and we’re not connecting with anybody at all.

People are flaking. People are baking. People are doing everything but connecting with us.

So what do most people do? Most people quit.

I know so many men who quit because they can’t approach a woman at all, so they quit instead of keep going.

To me, I don’t know when my next love is going to be.

I have no idea when that love is going to appear but I’m going to keep playing and I’m going to keep going.

Patriots Winning the Super Bowl

And I’m going to keep moving. And I’m going to keep doing. And I am going to keep connecting because you know what?

I have no other choice but to do this. None at all.

I am going to take the New England Patriot way and I’m going to play the game until the very, very end, until the last snap, until the last time I can say hike.

Because that is why Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and the rest of the New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions. Because they played to the very, very end, and the Falcons did not.

And that’s how you have to play in your dating life. You have to be willing to play until the very, very end. And that’s how you get to where you need to get. Love is something that’s the payoff at the very, very end. Whether you meet somebody with 10 years left on this planet, 20 years left, 30 years, or 5. It doesn’t make a difference. You play the game of love to the very, very end.