tinder dating adviceMy friend, John and I were out the other night in the Hamptons. We had a nice dinner, and then decided to check out some of the local hot spots. We went to this one place, and of course because we have a penis, we had to get in line while all the women were let in first.

What was really funny was, I saw a few women in the line, looking at their phone, and Tindering! That’s right. They’re going into a club, full of men desperate to meet a woman, and they’re on their phone…talking to digital men!

Why wouldn’t they be concentrating on talking to the men at the club they’re in, instead of trying to attract some guy who they only know by a photo?

Have we become a society that is that guarded?

Are we just looking for the safest way to meet somebody?

I know it takes a lot of guts to go and flirt with somebody in person, and to get past the social phobia, but there’s something really wrong about being in a social situation, and going onto an online dating app. Tinder dating is strange in itself.

Chemistry doesn’t happen until you meet somebody face to face. You don’t know if you connect with someone until you can look at them. See the way they move. The way they walk. The way they talk. So to spend more of your time when you’re out on Tinder and less time talking to people shows where we really are as a social generation now.

We’ve become a society obsessed with screens. Where people are constantly on their little video screens looking for answers to all aspects of their lives. Something just doesn’t feel right, and I’d like to find a way to help us get right again.

I’ve been trying to do it for years, teaching people how to interact, because, man, when you see somebody in person and you feel like you want to be around them, it’s truly magical.

While we were in the bar, there was a beautiful woman walking around. I spotted her right away. I would have spoken to her when she walked past, except she was staring down at her phone, too busy to see or acknowledge me. She was probably checking out somebody else on Tinder.

We’ve been playing it safe too long.

The app companies and the online dating companies know exactly what they’re doing. They hook us in because they give us the illusion that this person we’re Tinder texting is actually going to be the love of our lives. They make us believe that the app is going to transform you from a regular Tinder girl to Tinderella.

It’s time we started opening our mouths folks. It really is. Get off the phone. I’ve been writing about this for years. Is anybody listening to me, besides my editor and my friend John?