Dear world,

Your obsession with technology needs to come to an end.

Sometimes, I think that people’s obsession with technology is going to kill the human race.

It amazes me how we even connect anymore.

On a daily basis, when you go out, what do you see?

People Are Obsessed with Their Phones

I want you to do an experiment, and it’s going to be an experiment that’s going to change the way you see things.

I want you to go out today and take a look at all the people you see on their phones or walking around with an iPad.

As you drive, I want you to look at the cars that are next to you, and I want you to pay attention to what people are doing when they’re stopped at a traffic light.

When you order coffee in the morning, I want you to look around the Starbucks or the coffee shop and take notice of what people are doing.

As you run your errands, when you go to the gym, anywhere you go, do the same thing.

I want you to walk around and just be.

I don’t want you to have your phone out. I want you to just be present in the moment because the only way you’re going to be able to do this experiment is by putting down your phone so you’re able to see what’s going on around you.

Break the Obsession

I know, you might get uncomfortable. You might be meeting a friend for dinner and have to sit at the bar for 10 minutes and actually look at people and actually be present in the moment.

I know it’s going to be something that’s really uncomfortable because we’ve been trained as a society to consistently look at our phones 24/7 whenever we feel the least bit uncomfortable.

Today, do this experiment. Take a look at how disconnected people are. How are we supposed to meet people when nobody ever stops looking at their phone?

How are we supposed to meet anybody when everybody is spending so much time texting other people?

Checking their Facebook feeds?

Posting on Instagram?

Every day, we become a society of more and more disconnected people, and it’s getting worse. We’re all just dating our smart phones, really. It’s time to stop being disconnected. It’s time to start paying attention to the people around you again, the world around you.

Let’s Change the Way We Connect with People

Watch this video and pass it on to 10 people. This is the first step to changing the path we’re on.

Watch this before you do the social experiment, then watch it again after. And do me a favor, pass it on to everybody you know.

Post it on your Facebook wall. That’s the only way people are going to watch it. Bring the consciousness to them. Show them what they’re doing. Because we’re all here to meet people. The problem is, we’re only staring at a phone. We’re missing opportunities to find love and connection every single day.

We’re missing opportunities to meet new friends.

We’re missing opportunities to make new money because we’re constantly absorbed in the phone.

Pass the video on. Post it on your wall. That way everybody is going to see it and people will start to wake up. Do that favor for me. I’ve written for you for years. You’re reading my stuff. I don’t ask you to buy anything when you read my stuff. Today I’m asking you to do one thing.

Post this video so people can watch it and let’s get a new movement going. It’ll make our social lives so much better if everybody puts down their damn phones.

Here are the reasons why we need to put down our phone. It will give you something to think about.