We’ve become obsessed with almost everything iPhone and/or smart phone. Whenever we walk into an elevator, we have our best friend with us. We never have to look at another human being again. When we’re late, if we’re waiting for a friend, we always confer with our beautiful, loving phone. We get friend requests from the massive number of the pretend friends that we have on Facebook.

An iPhone will help you with a fake text. Get you out of that date. We never have to be alone again. Watching TV at night. No problem. We’re sitting next to our phone. We even apologize when we don’t text somebody back right away. Or if we actually unhook from our phone for a few hours.

I was dating a woman about a year ago, she slept with her phone under her pillow. That’s right, she didn’t want to miss anything. She wanted to wake up to that beautiful, hard plastic and glass essence. We are so out of control that we need to stop the madness. I want you to check out this video. I want you to pass it along to every smart phone and iPhone user. Phones are ruining relationships (as you can see in this video).

IPhones are preventing us from connecting.  IPhone are stopping us from having sex (as you can see in this video). The iPhone and smart phones are taking over and the phone companies are ecstatic. The best Christmas gift this year to give to yourself is a day away from your phone. Check out today’s video and you’ll see why.