My best friend was in town this weekend. For those of you who have read my book “Always Talk To Strangers,” he is the co-author and his name is Bryan Swerling. Bryan and I can get into these long conversations at a moment’s notice.

It was really interesting, because Bryan and his girlfriend are on a killer diet. If any of you desire to lose weight, email me and I’ll put you in touch with this killer diet that works wonders.

When Bryan and I were out to dinner with his girlfriend in New York, she ordered ice cream. He said to her very nicely “You shouldn’t be eating that. It’s not on the diet.” She reacted with a bit of venom . . . but not because of the reason you think.

She reacted this way because some time in her past, probably in high school or college, she dated the “side pinching guy.” Adolescent boys are so mean to their girlfriends about their bodies, that they don’t realize the repercussions that occur fifteen years later in an Italian restaurant over an order of spumoni.

Bryan didn’t do anything wrong. His girlfriend reacted based upon conditioning during her growing years from the asshole boyfriend who basically teased her about being fat at age seventeen (when she probably wasn’t fat).

I know when I was in high school, I used to call my girlfriend Kris “thunder thighs.” She was probably all of 100 pounds at 5’6” tall. There was no “thunder” in her thighs anywhere, but young boys are all about teasing young girls due to their own fears and insecurities.

What we don’t realize when we’re seventeen years old and we’re pinching the skin on our girlfriend’s back and calling her fat, is what effect those comments have on her fifteen years later when she is a secure woman. It’s amazing. Little boys are immature, which we all are when we’re in that age group.

I remember calling my college girlfriend “cottage cheese thighs.” She was 5’3” tall and all of 100 pounds. The only cottage cheese on her thighs was if I went to the store, bought some Breakstone’s cottage cheese and spread it on her thighs during a kinky sexual escapade. (By the way, this is interesting if you’re into cottage cheese). But this is not about how to turn your woman on by rubbing cottage cheese all over her body.

This blog is about giving you some awareness. The next time you open your mouth about your girlfriend or wife’s body – even if you’re being supportive and loving – remember that her mind was programmed by a guy calling her “thunder thighs” or “cottage cheese thighs.” Every woman has dated an obnoxious teenage boy in her past. So if she lashes out at your when you’re being supportive about her diet, you need to realize the reason why she just lashed out at you.