I’m reading a good book by Michael Singer called “The Surrender Experiment.”

In the beginning, he talks about his inner voice.

How many of you have an inner voice? We all do.

My inner voice is constantly saying things.

I want you to start thinking about it throughout the day, what your inner voice is saying.

Start writing it down.

Here are three reasons why you need to start listening to your inner voice.

  1. Your Inner Voice Is Having The Same Conversations Over And Over Again For A Reason

The reason your inner voice keeps repeating itself is that these are the things that need to be said. So start listening to that inner voice. Even the voice that drives you crazy every day needs to be heard.

Some people call it intuition.Inner-Voice

Some people call it a sixth sense.

The inner voice is what we don’t spend enough time listening to, and so we repeat our mistakes.

What I want you to do today is start jotting down what your inner voice says in all types of situations.

Think about what might happen if you actually listened to that inner voice, and if you repeated it out loud.

  1. Your Inner Voice Is Your Superhero Voice

It’s the voice that wants you to say the things it’s been saying to you. To break out of your comfort zone.

If you say the things you’re thinking about, you’ll start living life with complete authenticity.

You’ll notice that when you start saying the things your inner voice is trying to communicate to you, you’ll stop that endless pattern of limiting belief.

You need to break that cycle, that loop, and stop having those same conversations over and over.

  1. You Want To Hear What It Has To Say Next

You need to jump off the inner voice ledge, to breakthrough your fear and move on to the next phase of your life. And until you do, your inner voice will keep repeating itself.

Send the text, write the email, say the words that are on your mind. You’ll start clearing your energy.

You’ll start living an authentic life.

When you start speaking from your inner voice, your true desires will start coming out.

You won’t worry about the outcome, because in life, when you surrender, you’re not outcome dependent.

Surrender means that when you send the text your inner voice told you to write, you don’t care about the outcome.

When you have a conversation with somebody that’s been long overdue, you’re not going to care about the outcome.

We’ve been taught as adults and as people that everything needs to have an outcome.

We’re so outcome dependent, but in reality, if you surrender to your inner voice, if you allow it to communicate, you’re not going to ever live a compromised life again.

If we surrender to the inner voice, we’re going to start to live a totally different life. The life that we should live. The life that’s true to ourselves, true to who we are at the core.