Optimism is probably the sexiest trait that a human being can have.

Over the last five years, I’ve dated a lot.

I’ve met a lot of women.

Had a couple of short-term relationships.

I’ve dated some really great people.

Had a five month relationship.

Had a couple of two-monthers.

…but there was always something that held me back from really fully having a relationship with any of those women.

Some of them were just not that optimistic about life and love.

They were pessimistic, and to me, pessimism is the biggest turn off. You see, I grew up with Mommy Pessimistic.

Man, my mother could turn a fucking beautiful sunny day in to a full fledged thunder and shit storm in a matter of five minutes. She was just about the most pessimistic person I ever met.

But then, being the bipolar wonder that she was, she’d be optimistic at times, too. But her pessimism was what really drove home.

My dad was pretty pessimistic, too. He always went for the worst case scenario first, which definitely made me do that in parts of my life as well. I’ll still do that when certain things trigger up, or cause me grief or aggregation. I’ll go pessimistic first.

But then, all the sudden, I realized that…

Every great thing that I’ve ever manifested in my life came from my optimism.

Came from my outlook on life. Came from so many things.

When I look at my girlfriend now, all I think to myself is, she’s the sexiest, most beautiful woman ever.

It’s just my opinion.

I was talking to my friend today, and I realized why I find her so sexy.

It’s because she’s so optimistic.

No matter what she’s been through in her life, she doesn’t blame people. She takes full responsibility for everything in her life, and she is the most optimistic, positive person. She works through shit so unbelievably that being around her is such a joy.

And when I look at her, I just think she’s the sexiest, most beautiful person I’ve ever met.

It’s her optimism. It’s amazing.

Even when she’s helping me through a pessimistic rain cloud (which we all have on a weekly basis).

When she’s feeling pessimistic about something, she’ll pop out of it, and just be the most optimistic person after, and it’s so sexy.

So, I realized optimism is probably the sexiest thing you can think of…

…because when you’re optimistic, the person wants to be around you.

You’re not victiming life, constantly being a victim. You’re not making excuses like, well, you live in the wrong place, you just can’t meet men.

You’re living in a town where it’s just, you can’t make the bills work.

All the pessimistic excuses that I hear on a regular basis from people.

Pessimism is so NOT sexy.

When I look at my girlfriend, I think to myself, wow, I am a lucky guy to be around this person who is so beautiful and optimistic.

And the greatest thing is that she has an optimistic heart. She still believes in love, still believes in romance, still believes in partnership, still believes in the beauty of what a couple can be.

Being around somebody who’s equally optimistic teaches you so much more, you become even more optimistic.

Optimism is so sexy. It’s ridiculous. And I feel so blessed to have it in my life.

So, start waking up every single day and realizing that your life is amazing and abundant and full of possibilities.

Think about it. The next time someone asks you how your day is, look at them and say, “I’m alive. I get to experience another kick ass day.”

There might be moments where shit might go awry.

But what does it really matter? Because it’s just a moment. It’s just a moment of turmoil. It can turn in to a day of turmoil if you let it, but turmoil moments are just exactly what they are: moments.

Optimism is sexy. You want to meet somebody amazing? Fucking live an optimistic life.