Sometimes people just really annoy me. It could be the person driving in front of me who is driving so slowly that I feel like I must honk my horn to teach them different rules of the road. It could be a close, personal friend I’m hanging out with who is just annoys me with everything he does.

Sometimes you’re with people and you just get annoyed. Do you know what I’m talking about? You’re just not in the mood. I think everyone goes through this.

I think everybody hits a point during their life — whether it’s for a week or a month or even longer — where people (ALL people) just annoy you. Your boss annoys you. Your lover annoys you. Your friends annoy you.

It could be your best friend who tells you the same story over and over again that he has been telling you for years about why he can’t meet someone or about the problems in his relationship. It could be that one habit of your lover’s that normally just kind of bugs you, that you now you can’t stand to be around.

It doesn’t matter what it is. People in general will annoy each other on a regular basis.

So what do you do to avoid fights, or to avoid pissing people off, when they annoy you?

You just acknowledge it, and realize it’s going to pass. Life is just a series of moments that pass. Whatever it is that annoys you about someone at one moment will pass.

These moments will not last. So what you need to do during these times is to go out on the beach and scream at the waves, take a swim, work out or something like that.

Allow yourself to go deep inside yourself and get all pissed off. Yell, scream or do whatever it is you need to do blow off steam. That way, when you are around people again you will be your most charming, sweet and lovable self.

What do I do when people annoy me? I tend to go off into my man den.

Every man should have a man den. Every man needs a man den. It’s his place of complete and utter peace.

When people annoy me, I will sometimes go up into my man den and read some Internet sites that are interesting me at the moment. That kind of calms me down.

Sometimes I will take Daphne for a walk. Then again, Daphne is so slow that she will annoy me because she is that slow.

Sometimes I will chill out and watch a television show. Lately I’ve been watching Dexter. That show is a lot of fun. Getting lost in a television show or a movie is a great way to get your mind off the fact that you’re irritable.

These are some of the things I do. So when you’re feeling this irritation with people, find whatever works that will allow you to blow off some steam and to take your mind off of it. Everyone will be happier for it.