There’s No Such Thing As Picking Up Women
By David Wygant

As you all know, I am not about teaching people how to “pick people up” . . . because really, there is no such thing as “picking up women.” Think about how ridiculous that terminology is: Two guys are heading to the mall and one guy says to the other “Hey Eric, Let’s pick up some women today.”

First of all, a lot of you aren’t even in good enough shape to pick up women. Think about this for a second. Let’s say a woman weighs 130 pounds. You have to walk over, pick her up and then you have to hold her in your arms and carry her. That is what “picking up women” really means.

Most of us really don’t want to go and lift total strangers over our head. “Picking up women” is very childish terminology. You don’t want to be known as a pickup artist – it sounds like you’re 13 years-old when you call yourself a ‘master pickup artist.’

Plus, women really don’t like to be picked up. If you pick them up, you may mess up their hair or you may drop them. Nobody likes to be picked up and dropped.

So before I tell you the mature way to meet women, let’s go through a few things that actually can be picked up:

1. groceries
2. dry cleaning
3. pet food
4. beer
5. wine
6. dinner

These are all things that you actually go pick up and carry to your car. When is the last time you had a woman whom you physically picked up and put in your car?

Women do not want to be picked up. They want you to connect with them. They want to be able to meet you and tell a story about how you met each other.

They want the story to go something like this: “I was shopping in Whole Foods and I reached for the last pint of chocolate ice cream. All of a sudden, this man was reaching for the same pint of ice cream. So he looked at me and said ‘I’ll flip you for that pint of ice cream.’ Then he got out a quarter and asked me if I wanted heads or tails. We proceeded to talk, and I think he let me win the pint of ice cream. Anyway, I gave him my number and I can’t wait for ice cream man to call me.”

Women believe that life should be a fun, romantic comedy. They want to be able to tell their friends about how they met you. You want to be “ice cream man.” You do not want to be “pickup artist man.”

Not only that, but meeting a women under natural settings gives you a running inside joke right from the beginning. If you are a man and you don’t understand what I’m talking about, I suggest you rent any Hugh Grant movie.

You want to be able to be that lead in the romantic comedy. If you go in with a pickup line, you become the comedy.

Women are looking to connect . . . not to be picked up like your takeout dinner. So the next time you see a woman standing in line at the supermarket, think about how you can connect with her in a natural way and become the lead in that romantic comedy.

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Todays video will go deeper into this issue of the non pickup.