Weekend is an Illusion By David Wygant

The weekend is an illusion. Boy, this blog is going to put all of you in another mode of thinking…

I’m going to tell you something that is absolutely going to blow you away: 52 weekends a year. 104 days. (Well actually, it’s probably more than 104 days because there are a few three-day weekends thrown in.) So what does that give us? 107 days.

107 days of the year are pure illusion. 99.99% of the world only tries to meet people on the weekends. I totally made that percentage up, but the sentiment is true: the majority of the people in the world live for the weekend.

And what they do on the weekend is the same thing every time – they expect, they want, they desire, and they wish to meet somebody. They think to themselves that this weekend will be different than the last one.

A lot of you even plan out your weekend the Monday before. Do you know why you start planning next weekend by Monday? Because last weekend was yet another disappointment. Last weekend was yet another weekend where you didn’t meet somebody.

So what are you doing? You’re plotting out the following weekend, thinking that things will be different.

Do you know why the weekend is an illusion? Because you’ve never done anything different to change your way of thinking! You haven’t plugged yourself into anything – you haven’t even TRIED to plug yourself into anything.

I believe you can meet people during the week – any time, any place. It doesn’t matter where it is. For those of you who have dug into my products, you know it’s 100% true. For those of you who have attended a bootcamp, you’re out there every day meeting people left and right.

But so many of you still think that the weekend is going to deliver. You believe in the TV show Friday Night Lights – Friday night is going to come… and go. Most Friday nights come and go with the same results. And then you wake up on Saturday and go on the hunt. You become a hunter on the weekends.

Men are hunters, women are deniers. Men will go out there and try to chase women all weekend, because the illusion is that they will find a woman with the same skills they have always had.

Women are in denial. So they pretend that they don’t want to meet men. “Oh, we’re going to this bar right now because we don’t want to meet men. We’re just going here to hang out with friends.”

Really? You like loud bars with annoying guys drooling on you like wolves? That’s where you want to go to hang out with your friends? I don’t buy it. The fact of the matter is this: you can deny it all you want, but you go out and wish that a man would rescue you from your singledom.

So the weekend is an illusion because you don’t do anything during the week. You have to start doing things during the week. You have to start doing things 15 minutes per day to meet somebody.

I meet more people during the week than I ever do on the weekends. The weekend is just like New Year’s Eve – it’s Amateur Night. When you go out on Friday and Saturday nights, you’re hanging out with all of the amateurs. The majority of people who go to bars on Friday and Saturday nights have no clue how to meet people in a bar. That’s the illusion of the bar.

There’s a blog I wrote a while ago, and I said, tell me your age, and then tell me the number of people you’ve met in a bar and then dated. Which number is greater? Is your bar age greater than your real age?

You have to wake up from this weekend illusion. Wake up and realize that in order to meet somebody spectacular, you have to work for it every day.

You can’t just have a career on the weekends. “I’m just not going to do anything all week and have my career on the weekends. Just on Saturdays and Sundays, that’s it. And not even really Saturdays and Sundays – actually, just Friday nights and Saturday nights. So I’ll work four hours per week, and develop this great career.”

Do you know where you would be if you only worked four hours a week? You’d be living under a bridge in a cardboard box. You wouldn’t be in the house that you’re in right now.

So you’d better start rethinking things, because the weekend is just an illusion.

Today we are going to talk about how to keep the conversation going. Its friday and heres a hint.

Have you ever had anyone say cool to you in the middle of a conversation?

Wait till you see what cool really means.