On Saturday night, we did something that we rarely do anymore. We went to a bar. We went there to celebrate a friend’s birthday after we saw Ray LaMontagne play in concert.

By the way, that Ray LaMontagne concert was just about the most exciting thing ever. He moved a total of about an eighth of an inch during the entirety of the show. He moves his foot one direction, he got all excited.

Every song sounded almost exactly the same, and it was one of the most boring concerts I have ever seen in my entire life. We actually left halfway through it because we just couldn’t take it anymore


When we left the concert, we went to the bar. As we were in there, I kept noticing some things that are really funny.

I would say about 80% of the people look like they are not having a good time at all. They are just standing there (or sitting there) like zombies. They are either texting other people who aren’t there, or they are looking around the room hoping that they can talk to people.

Then there is another group of people at the bar (the other 20%). These are the people who look like they are having a great time.  They are jumping around and they are talking to everybody.

It’s funny. We talked to a whole bunch of people, and every conversation was like a meaningless ADD conversation. Every conversation was one of those fifteen to forty second conversations in which you get into a topic, only to all of a sudden have the conversation kind of die.

It just seems like everyone in a bar wants to have fun, but nobody really does have fun.

Perhaps if you are really drunk you will have a blast. I remember being drunk a few times in my life, and I have been a lot of fun in a bar.

The other funny thing about the bar is all the picture taking. Everyone was constantly taking pictures. They take out their little camera and start snapping picture after picture after picture after picture. They look at each picture immediately to see if they look good, and then take more pictures to try and get a better shot.

Bars are really funny places.  The other day I took a client out, and he kept talking about going to events and bars and so forth. I said to him, “Why bother? Why bother going to places where nobody seems to be having fun, when you can walk into a supermarket and have a casual conversation with somebody based on natural chemistry?”

I don’t know.  You tell me.  Do you have fun in bars anymore?