how to be happyYou ever go to a friend and start your bitch patrol.  Meaning, you start complaining about the same thing you always do.  We all have something we complain about. You may not like your height. You may not like your ex.  You may have issues with your children.  You may have issues with your boss or something at work. Your parents, whatever it might be.  We all have a loop that we drive our self nuts with.

And then we meet somebody who gives us the best advice ever. They tell us to “be happy.”

Be happy”, you say?

How am I going to be happy, is there a formula for that?

I am happy, but there are sometimes I’m just not happy. Then they look at you with their airy-fairy smile. Their ever-glowing face, and they tell you, “Happiness is a choice.”

Well, that’s great, happiness is a choice.  Ok, I’m going to choose happiness.  “How the hell do I do that,” you ask them. And then you think, “How do I do that.  There’s got to be a formula; there needs to be a formula.  Happiness is a choice.”

So then they look at you again, this guru. You feel like you’re talking to Confucius.  Confucius says, “Choose happiness over loneliness, over sadness.

But here’s what gets you really pissed off.

They never tell you how.  They just tell you to be happy or be confident.  Or be clever or be smart, but no one ever gives you the details that you need in order to be happy. Well, I’m going to give it to you right now.  You know what I’m going to say to you right now?

The Secret To True Happiness

Be happy. Does that make you feel even more pissed off than you were before, right?  Read it over and over again. Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. Alright, take a deep breath, guess what?  Be happy.  Be happy. Be happy. I want you to write down everywhere you look, on your iPhone, on your mirror, on your computer, everywhere you go, I want you to write down, “I choose happiness.

I want you to write it down everywhere. In your refrigerator when you open it up and the gallon of milk is sitting there. You write, “I choose happiness.

On your toothpaste, I want you to wrap around a piece of paper that says “I choose happiness.

On your steering wheel, instead of your BMW, or Lexus, or Subaru emblem, I want you to write down “Happiness is a smiley face.

On your rearview mirror, I want you to write in read lipstick, “I choose happiness.”

Everywhere you go, I want you to reprogram that negative loop that has been plaguing you forever. That annoying negative loop, the one that drives your friends nuts, and makes your therapist want to quit.

I choose happiness.

That’s right, it’s a choice. All those gurus that tell you to be happy, they don’t tell you how to do it. I’m telling you how to do it right now.

I choose happiness. Write it everywhere. Look at it in the rearview mirror. You’re in traffic. You get pissed off, it’s a trigger point for you. But, when you say, “I choose happiness”, immediately your brain is going to go to a more peaceful place.

I choose happiness, okay I choose it.  Think of something happy that makes you happy.  It really is that simple, but it takes time, dedication.  It takes 30 days, 60 days, 90 days for some of us. So, if you do this every single day, imagine how your life is going to feel.  Imagine how you’re life is going to change.

It really is that simple.  So, the next time ‘Mr. Happy’ comes to you, look at them and say, “Listen Pal, I’m choosing happiness and this is how I’m doing it.

I’m sorry, but I wasn’t born to parents that were running around naked spreading hippie love. I was born to negative thinking parents that drove me nuts. I choose happiness. Write it everywhere. People may think your crazy, but at least you’ll be happy.