Here is an experiment I did one time with a friend in a bar. Coach Jacob and I just stood in one place, but we had an animated conversation. We were just having a good time. We stood right in the middle of the bar – so that everyone in the bar was standing around us – and just talked animatedly.

And women started coming over to us, asking, “What are you guys talking about?” We’d say, “Look, I’ll meet with you in five minutes; we just have to finish this conversation.” I would push them away a little bit, which would intrigue them a little bit more. In a bar, you can be very playful like that.

So after a few minutes, I looked at one woman and kind of waved her over. She came over and asked, “What?” and I said, “You were curious about what we were talking about, and I want to tell you.” Then I explained what it was we were talking about. “We were just discussion life and the nature of spirituality…” and she just stood there with her mouth wide open.

So then I looked at her and asked, “So tell me, how do you feel about this?” and for five minutes she went off on a tangent, full of passion and emotion, just like I did. She was mimicking my body language the entire time.

Most guys at bars are thinking about what the woman’s body language says. Who cares! It’s your body language that will attract other people.

So once I got her all full of passion, I asked her, “Are those your friends?” She said they were. “Alright, bring them over. We need more people’s opinions.” We had ten people – two of us, and eight girls – all sitting there and talking about spirituality and what it means to be alive. We had the most amazing conversation.

When we left, they all looked at us and said, “This was the greatest experience we’ve ever had in a bar!” It was the first time they’d ever had a real conversation at a bar.

It all comes from you putting yourself in the middle of that bar and saying to yourself: I will be the center of attention in this room tonight. I will talk to my friend and pull over whomever I want in this room!