The other night I saw the movie “The Ugly Truth” starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.  It was actually a pretty cute movie.  It’s about a guy who gives dating advice on television.
Obviously I feel we already give the “ugly truth” about dating here . . . but I just never came up with a good nickname for it like they did.  So today, let’s think about what I can call what we do here.
Seeing the movie at the theater raised a whole other issue with me as well.  What is wrong with people who bring little kids to a movie theater on a Saturday night and allow them to scream, yell, run around and act like a monkey in a zoo?  I mean, that is just ridiculous and rude.
My favorite people in a movie theater aren’t even those people, as much as the “huffers and puffers” those people annoy the most.  The woman who was sitting in front of me was a huffer and puffer.  She was annoyed by the same unruly child, and kept huffing, looking back and giving a dirty look.
A dirty look . . . in a dark movie theater?  Really, Miss Huffer. They’re seven rows back.  They’re not going  to hear your huffing or see your dirty look.  So to all you ?huffers and puffers,? I say grow some balls, walk up to them and tell them how you feel!
So when we left the theater, there were five young women with the young monster they were obviously babysitting.  They probably thought it would be funny to take him to a movie.
By being there for this movie, however, the kid at about three years old got to see a hot makeout scene in an elevator, a woman using vibrating panties in a restaurant and men wrestling around in Jello. Is it any wonder that some men out there use their penis as a weapon?
How many women out there have been sexually harassed by men?  Raise your keyboards.  How many women have been date raped by men?  Raise your keyboards.
You never hear anything about a man being date raped.  Why?  It’s because women don’t have the weapon to do it.  Some men when they get erect and the testosterone kicks in, get angry and they need to find a vag in which to stick their weapon.
Wow, this is turning into a serious blog.  Do you know the scariest thing about these date rapists?  After they climax, they still think they’re dating that woman.  They’ll call a few days later like nothing out of the ordinary happened, wondering when the next date will be.
What part of getting kicked and punched by the woman didn’t they understand?  Unfortunately, a lot of men are like this after having a little alcohol.  They drink and become instant assholes.  They get rude with women, and some of them become sexually violent.
This goes on more than you think.  What causes it?  They probably had five babysitters take them as a little boy to a movie they shouldn’t see.  “The Ugly Truth” was fairly harmless luckily for that kid the other night.
Every day, though, it seems like you see people taking little kids into movies they shouldn’t see and allowing kids to watch television they shouldn’t watch.  Children between the ages of two and seven  are sponges. What they see is what they process.  What they process is what they become.  So that cute little three year old kid may turn into a date rapist in college.
I’m not a parent and, of course, all parents make mistakes.  That is what parents do.  Men who can’t control their testosterone, though, became that way starting at a very young age.
Men who date rape women — men full of testosterone who look at women with no respect — are men who belong in the zoo.  Some of you maybe even have participated in this or have been the victim of this.
Forcing a woman to have sex after she pleads with you not to do it is nothing of which to be proud.  No means no.
If a woman is screaming, kicking or punching, then back off!  The problem is that some of these guys get into such a rage that they can’t back off.  They don’t see it.
This was a very heavy topic . . . especially for a Monday.   It all started with coming up with a new name for what we do here, and it turned into a really deep blog about the violent behavior of certain testosterone-laden males.
I want to hear your thoughts on all of this.  Let’s hear from you…

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