The other night it was Halloween. I had the privilege of escorting my beautiful daughter, who was dressed as a Dalmatian puppy, around Marina Del Rey.

I watched her be more open and less scared than she was last year.

It was a beautiful thing to watch because Halloween is such an amazing holiday for the young. They get to dress up, they get to be scared, they get to see costumes, and you get to witness the joy when they get their basket full of candy.

When my daughter first went trick-or-treating she thought candy was tickets. Now she realizes the tickets are just things that we use to ration out the candy to her after Halloween is over.

Adults are pretty funny when it comes to Halloween. I feel like it’s the one night of the year that people let their true self come out.

As I was walking the streets where I live, I saw a man dressed as women. He took his femininity over the top. He looked like a beautiful woman. I thought to myself, now there’s somebody who is probably gay and this is his night to let out the way he really feels. Because no straight guy I’ve ever met has dressed like a real feminine woman on Halloween. Halloween

I’ve seen men that have dressed as women and they’ve been these burly funny football looking women and very masculine. They’re doing it just to poke fun and have fun on Halloween. But I’ve seen some men turn very feminine under the powers of the Halloween moon.

I see women exposing themselves. I see a woman that on an everyday basis is kind of conservative. She fits the mold of what she’s supposed to be in society. Then I watch her on Halloween as she puts on the Cleopatra outfit, turns on the sexuality that she keeps hidden, and becomes the seductress she always wants to be.

It’s funny watching adults on Halloween because their alter egos come out on that one night. Their sexuality rises, their confidence goes through the roof.

Men become women. Women become seductresses. Men become seductors. People become their alter ego.

You see the people who always wanted to be super heroes in their super hero costumes. You see the people who always wanted to be a medieval knight.

You see the people that have a little dark twisted sense of humor and they become an evil villain.

The deeper somebody gets into the role, the more natural they actually are in that role. I’ve seen so many people throughout the night of Halloween stay in character because it’s the character that they so desperately to be every day.

It’s amazing to watch. It really truly is. To watch someone’s true spirit come out for the very first time. To watch them give themselves permission to be the person they really want to be.

To me, that doesn’t sound fun. To spend 364 days not allowing your true Halloween character to come out. And then on the one day, one crazy Halloween night, you’re allowed to let that person finally come out and shine and be seen?

To me, every day is Halloween. Sure, we’re not going to dress up in silly costumes and walk around as princes and princesses, naughty nurses, and superheroes.

But why not tap in and think about the reasons why you were a certain person on Halloween? Think about what made you become that character on Halloween. And think about how you can become that character more, every single day, dressed as yourself.

Learn how to dress sexier. Learn how to be more bold. Allow your inner superhero to come out.

Tap into that because next Halloween is almost a year away, and you don’t want to wait that long to let your true self out again.