There is something I want to share with all of you today that’s really important. It’s called the truth. I don’t think I ever really covered this before in a blog, however, it is something I think we all need to realize.

Have you ever been in a relationship, and you just knew something you were doing – whether on a conscious or subconscious level – was not the right thing but you did it anyway? I am not talking about cheating (because I think cheating is 100% wrong).

I am talking about other things. I am talking about getting in touch with a friend and talking about your personal business with other people (or whatever it might be). Then, when confronted with it, you lie right to someone’s face about it.

Do you realize that whenever you tell a lie in life, you will get caught? You will always get caught in lies.

I learned something a long time ago: It is hard to keep a lie straight, but it is easy to keep the truth straight. It is easy to keep the truth straight because you don’t have to remember stories.

You never have to remember alibis. You never have to remember anything.

When you tell the truth, there is nothing to remember but the truth. The real truth, along with the real feelings and the real emotions behind it.

When it comes to a lie, you always have to “cover your tracks.” You have to remember what you said to each person.

Lies are not worth it. Lies are destructive in relationships, and they will never get you anywhere.

So, when you are out there right now trying to meet somebody, remember what I’m telling you here about the truth. It’s always easier.

Sometimes the truth might be hard to say in the moment. Telling the truth in that moment, however difficult it is, will mean you never have to go back and apologize about it later.