Here are three mistakes women constantly make with men when they’re dating or in a relationship that will push him away. Every single time.

Today, I’d like to talk about mistakes that women make with men.

There are a few of them, and you’ll see them all in today’s video, but first I want to share something personal with you.

A good friend of mine was dating a woman. She was sweet and warm. When he first met her she seemed to have everything, on the surface.

But then he got to know her.

She was fearful and insecure. She was constantly trying to manage his life. Trying to bust his balls and she was living in fear.

Their relationship didn’t work out. He was sad. He was so ready for an amazing relationship, and on the surface she was everything he always wanted.

There are three key mistakes that women consistently make with men that will drive them away.mistakes-with-men

These are things that are really easy to change.

Why? Because they’re just things that we do based out of fear.

You see, when we make mistakes in relationships, it usually means that we’re not fully open. We haven’t worked on our own stuff. So when things come up, we have to try to control them instead of allowing them to be.

When we try to control relationships, we’re doing so out of fear. We’re not doing it out of place of love.

By trying to control things, you’re not really open to love. You’re loving in a way that you want to control.

Control kills relationships.

Two amazing human beings meet, they fall in love, and the minute somebody tries to control the other person, the relationship will die, it goes absolutely nowhere.

When you try to control things, you don’t really listen. You only listen until you get triggered again. You don’t listen actively and with an open heart.

People think they’re listening when they’re really listening only for what triggers them, and then they wait to get their point across.

Let’s get into today’s video, the top three mistakes you make with men.